Chamber of Poets Lyrics by Holocaust & American Poets 2099

  • Album Release Date: 2015
  • Features : {“Fes Taylor”,”Ace Gauntlit”,”GS Advance”,”Phil Anastasia”}

A Taipan snake bites and kills a rat that is too big to swallow
I crack face, Your jaw hit, You fall bloody on the ground and start to wallow
Fall asleep in Central and South America, Vampire bats
And from outer space, I come clear from across the Universe
And like a bright bomb exploding the Earth
A hero where a war is taking place
Pocahontas died shortly after a portrait of her was painted
In England in sixteen-sixteen, I’m deadlier, Thaw nicotine
I’m big, The Incredible Hulk who leaps
Splash, Crash, And escapes through Metropolis
A ravine, A scruffy coyote wanders through a plain
A year has passed, It is the next Spring, You could never catch me
In the Ultimate Fighting Championship I bring you death in the ring
And then hunched over sitting on my thrown with a wise thought, The Complex King
Every year over seven thousand Americans have a nearly death
Experience with a snake
And Zebra jay-walkers in the river don’t stand a chance
A scar across his face the size of freight
The oldest bloodiest crocodile escapes, A dead woman’s hand
[Fes Taylor]
I said Back to the Future, They live’n in the past
Go all out, Did it for the cash
We ain’t rich yet, Movement like the 04′ Dipset
P.O., Take a piss test, I bet niggas run for cover
Fuck a undercover, My crew full of hand gun lovers
Shoot back at cops, Use a nigga dreads for a mop
He fled about four blocks, Try’d to get away
Sip the E & J, Freeway dip’n through lanes, Never be afraid
Phase in my life, Grew to be a better person
Make a million dollars before we dead in Hearses
Mr. Goonberg, Paper like Bloomberg
Hoes sweat a nigga like Summer time with two shirts
Get you murked, Prolly beat the case
Cops need a clue first, They ain’t never seen my face

[Ace Gauntlit]
No nonsense, Conscience thought be my art
Like a murderer who vowed to never get caught up
Give respect when respected, That’s how I was brought up
An angel in the ruff, Fighting for the Just’
Hard and on point the same as elephant tusks
I’m humble enough, And your starting to disgust me
Wild and bloody eyed, At night I turn ugly
Hearts from the hungry, Take mythical form
Reach inside the source leaving false prides torn
Far from the norm, Shallow fools get scorned
Every since born refuse to be a pawn
Taking the dark step they would step upon
Path of the strong, Stay constantly calm
Sonic bomb specialist, Free write manuscripts
Detonate a ________, Scattering into fragments
[Nova Kane]
The kamikaze splashing, Passport flashing
Style of my own, Got em jock’n my fashion
Hate’n on my fam only fuels the passion
Pick up the pen and start violently slash’n
Critique how I write but ain’t lived my life
The lack and the insight, They ain’t seen what it looks like
A pocket full of monsters not used to daylight
Span across the globe, Faster then midnight
Leave em froze at a stop light, Vision to act right
Shine like a black light, Exposing the wack lies

[Phil Anastasia]
I’m feeling like the whole world is lined up against me
Tryna drown out my sorrows in a bottle of whiskey
Violence just gets me more rap then repercussion
Unending cycle on a path of self destruction
Really wish it never went this way
Knots in my back and shoulders from the weight of heavy debts to pay
No illusions, Some got to go some yet to stay
Judge, Jury, Executioner, The next to say something smart
Getting sentenced, No sense to pray
Coming apart at the scenes seems like yesterday
Had my whole life ahead of me, Now I look back
And see a trail of mistakes and misfortunes that will eventually come back to haunt me
Skeletons in my closet, Invested in myself but a rejected deposit
Tryna kill the pain sip’n on this liquor
Only things I’m killing are my brain cells and my liver
[Pro the Leader]
Follow my ordinance, More important is the force of the metamorphosis
Sinister administer of pain, I’m the punishing finisher
Injure or get injured, The emperor emerged, (What)
Step and get clapped in the face, Throw your punk ass down the fire escape
Wire the pace, Higher the stakes, Get with too many liars and snakes
I spit heat, Fire away, Admire the greats, The sire awaits
The irony is that you will never be better then my chamber of poets
My anger is focused, Battleship hanger beware of explosives
The leader will make you a believer, I told you, Your so new with anticipation
Amply waiting, To tear through a rapper
Leave you under shatter, Debris and a heavy ladder

[GS Advance]
You seeing something similar to being eat’n alive
Scream to survive, Are you bleeding, Cry, Eager to die
We can decide, Take another side of fly like a pelican glide
Tried to buy my time, Lifted on an elephant ride
The flies bite hard, Swat em away, Drop em for days
Forgot I’m mop’n the ________, Your fowl stench and your ways
Cracked mirror, Broken glass splashing everywhere
The spirit’ll be back to haunt your ass every year
My rap’s clean, Move with a brass steeze
And tell them kids don’t take the swine flue vaccine
They should of known to hold a grudge from the _______
Rising pinnacle, Violent chemicals, Science that’s killing you
But no, They sold their soul for a bowl of porridge
A drop of cinnamon, And a slice of an orange
Wasn’t enough for the few to consider
That the effect it wouldn’t survive the nuclear Winter

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