Tour of Duty Lyrics by HOJ Frontliners

  • Album Release Date: 2006
  • Features : {Phonte,L.E.G.A.C.Y.,”Rapper Big Pooh”,”Joe Scudda”,Chaundon,”Big Dho”,”Sean Boog”}

Yeah, I got the recipe flow, for all beat cookers
Pick and flick my hoes, like these boogers
I’m Biz Mark nasty, I rip parts from pansies
Whoever want it
I go and get it if I’m on it
J.L. win in the end
Kind of like The Warriors
Some won’t be there in the end, like The Warriors
Ponder that
100% if I’m on a track
10% grit mixed with 10% Dis
Follow me now, it’s 10% hot bars
Swallow me now, it’s 10% lock jaw
10% wildin’, 10% raw talent
Slate, I’m killin’ it, 10% L.ife E.xperience
10% wordplay, every verse that he say
20% cocky, the game is like hockey
Cause Niggas Hate L.E.G.A.C.Y
I raise hell, touchin’ fingers make destiny
[Sean Boog]
It’s my time now
Give me your attention
I want all of it
No duckin’ when I spit
When I hit, don’t miss
Accurate as chess
Maury Povich gives to his guests
To determine if the mom is a slut
Or if the pops is sick
My private is to check
I’m a private investigator
Greater than the rest
One breath from the lungs
Put craters in your chest, Moon Man
This world is doomed
And my allegiance is for the heathens
Don’t assume you can take us out
Makin’ an ass our of you man
Me, I’m what I’m gonna be
All grown up at the age of 23
Come fuck with me
Trust me, you’ll catch me in your town
Things are goin’ too good
I think my teams wore down
[Joe Scudda]
I’m in the booth with my hat low
You know how that go
The hard shit
I’m gonna give you what you ask for
Miss and shoot the one
Fuck that, you know the name
Know the game, I know the pain like Novocaine
I took you out, picture, pulled the frame
I walk in the club and get love
Look, nobody even know you came
Man, you bitch made
Comparin’ me to you, is like a big ass machete to a switch blade
So by now
Know you can’t win
Get five of your people
I bring back ten
And if you bring ten, I’mma bring the whole team
I mean, my motherfuckers than yo ass ever seen

[Big Dho]
Hold up
Don’t forget about little ole’ me
There’s a problem that you could not see (nigga)
I’m outta school, better not test me
Get The Answer like Sean Boog and Oddisee (nigga)
I got seven on the track with me
Six more on the bus
15 from the League Of Justus
That’s 28 motherfuckers that’s ready to jump up
If I hear you talkin’ like you want WHAT?
Naw really
You can get knocked silly
Got many, walkin’ around here badder than Billy
And ain’t no question I can roast your crew
Spit that oil on you and grill you like my vegetables
As for you
Winnin’ ain’t an option so don’t believe that
You a feline pussy, I’m a street cat
It’s my game, gimmie that
I don’t play fair
Cocksucker, change rules when I wanna
Servin’ indies and majors
Most of them are ink wasters
Writin’ nonsense on paper
The best out, runnin’ it now
Hall Of Justus
Why the fuck you think Dho put me down?
Took it back, half moon in my wig
Can’t fit the crown now
I’m so arrogant, my heads too big
There ain’t a ?16-90?
Word on the street is I’m the truth
A year later I’m still sealin’ slow leaks
On tour with the LB, signin’ autographs
And I ain’t even drop a fuckin’ LP
Some biters wanna hate
Wait a minute, I get it
They were rappers that failed
Later on became critics
It ain’t my fault, I’m just that nice
For every word I write, labels should sign me twice

H.O.J. [x4]

[Big Pooh]
Ayo fuck that
H.O.J. is right now
Pussy niggas pipe down, you don’t want it with me
Raw dog fuck shit out of beats
It’s our first go round, challenger’s now obsolete
And to think this was so close to not being
Brothers ran, put it up, now niggas not seein’
Rush more than Russell
Look at the hustle
Motherfuckin’ ain’t tryin’ to tussle
This is rock solid
Dope product
Flow brolic
I’m a verbal alcoholic in search of help
In every state from city to city
Let me sign autographs and cop your girl’s titties
Simply the best, no if’s or and’s
The League’s +Notorious+ like Durand Durand
I done had it up to here with your bullshit scams
We the architects of the new plan

Caught him on a cold night, mind wonderin’
A square nigga so they figured they could corner him
A true Capricorn, yeah he on that loner shit
But they couldn’t stop Tay
A.K.A. The One Nigga You Don’t Want It With
Known to rock mics
Each and every time the clock strikes
And quick to tell a nigga, “You not nice.”
And I ain’t been locked up, down, or shot twice
The only shootin’ I did was shot dice
Now that my stock market has doubled in your market place
I’m like Lumberg shittin’ on your Office Space
Just wanna see the world and break bread with my brothers
But these niggas wanna drink and throw bottles at each other
It’s shit like that that makes me wanna run for cover
Tell a nigga, “Pack your shit.” Straight cut a motherfucker
But I won’t do it to ’em cause they need this alliance
And deep down a nigga need guidance
And I understand the pain it give and the feelings of blasphemy
To rock a show to a crowd that’s half capacity
And all the other road shit you supposed to figure
But it’s the Tour Of Duty and we all soldiers nigga

[Sean Boog]
This is our game
Here to the end so remember the name
This is our turf
Earth to the sun, shit the whole universe
This is ours now
Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down
This is our shit
We don’t miss, all we do is make hits

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