Rebel Music Lyrics by Himalayan Project

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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[Chee Malabar]
Retribution through Rebel Music
Walk the talk, like my feet and speech is tied by shoestrings
Money’s an adhesive, so broke folks use hope to glue things
My mood swings, in tune with the moon’s whims
Groomed since, the age of six, to be a true prince
But reality bites, and my life got serpent sized toothprints
A seer said I’d appear, to cheers and jeers, tears and fears
The king, of ten thousand years, from Baroda’s Fathehgunj housing spheres
Yea, I was given this language, a palette
Of 26 alphabets, through immaculate steps
Sought the truth, like Malcolm X did through with Islamic texts
As a youth, pledged allegiance, put my palm on my chest
Now I scribble over scriptures to manifest this palimpsest

Rebel Music, my people, my culture my thoughts
Rebel Music, the haves, the have not’s
Rebel Music, Reggae, Blues, Jazz and rock
Rebel Music, it’s hip hop, it’s hip-hop
Rebel music infused in the hearts of those that feel like revolution is useless
People power abused and battered
My generation raised in mental malaise
Confused and calibrated, believing that our opinions, never matter
Our brain patterns were hammered to flat-lines
Cookie cutter, conformed to lack spines and act blind
While the social-economic gap climbs
We funnel funds for guns and gasses
Electricity and lethal injects for asses
Prison expansions – for people with black skin and Hispanics
This is the rightwing bandage for Americans damaged and left behind
My mic flex testifies, through the silence
Cause I will not leave my people dumb deaf and blind
I speak my mind, spit life lines
Cause knowledge and word power is death defying


[Chee Malabar]
Someone once said, America’s a Melting Pot
The people at the bottom get burned, while the scum always seem to float to the top
Ack, send seven shots from Glocks at Trent Lott
They ain’t upset that he said it, they mad he got caught
Might as well use the constitution as toilet tissue
’cause ain’t shit changed since 1964, duke
De-facto segregation exists, dissident voices, diluted then muted
Through the strategic placements of polls and voting booths, and
Since we don’t sit, where decisions get made
I wouldn’t piss on a burning bush to extinguish the flames
Axis of evil, Jihad and crusades, so who’s sane? (Hussein)
Saddam got napalm and thangs, while we build nukes, talkin’ disarmament
To you my religion is seen as voodoo
Fuck you, I’ll consider Christ when your pope is Desmond Tutu
What makes a rebel? Your clothes?
Particular pro’s? Or the rhythms and tones in your headphones
What you know in your bones, or what you show
What makes a man leave his humble abode to throw stones
Already knowing he ain’t never going home – Do you know?
What made a student stand-alone and raise his hand to a tank?
What made a businessman on a flight, take the fight to fanatics with knives
What made a ballplayer pick up his bat, swing for the fences and hold back
His desire to retaliate to hate
This music’s just a taste, the truth is what you make when faced with high stakes
In this world dominated by hate, we on the hook like live bait
But some of us fighting, others enlighten
But most of us just hanging around
What if we all spoke?
Could you imagine the sound of people power moving mountains and shaking the ground?


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