The Anthem Lyrics by Hilltop Hoods

  • Album Release Date: 1999
  • Features : {}

[Intro: Pressure & Suffa]
Da, da-da-da
Da-da-da, da-da-da

[Chorus: Pressure]
“My style is the craziest” Hilltop
“St-style is the craziest”
Suffa, you know your rhymes amaze me, just
“Get on the mic”, “[?] show ’em” whose “Craziest”

[Verse 1: Suffa]
This be the Suffa MC enhancing the track
I treat the mic like a showgirl, romancing her lap
So when it’s time for tips don’t forget my rhyming tricks
Saliva’s on the stylus ’cause I got the vinyl licks
Ya spine’ll rip open and I’ll make your mind eclipse
Independent, giving major labels minor fits
I’ma [?] and give MCs them seizures
You’re rapping like the Dala in Indonesia, I see ya
And it’s your fate I see
It’s like a two-dollar hooker with HIV
You wanna step and be friendly? I’ll rip your style apart
You’ll end up like Kenny from South Park
So just try to fade me, just try to fade me, just
Try to fade me, kid, we’re the craziest
I’ve seen others and I was like “Shit, he sucked”
I bring the stress to your chest like a hooker getting titty fucked
This kid erupts from the hills, I guess he got skills so
MCs are getting treated like a dyke with a dildo
It feels so good, you’ll moan like Tabatha Cash
As Next scratches vinyl like the record had a rash
Like cash I’m erupting, styles have you suffering
The air that you suck has your lungs rupturing
Suffa bring invincibility, ya can’t hurt me, jerk
Just pass a cold one, ’cause MCing’s thirsty work, like
[Chorus: Suffa]
“My style is the craziest” Hilltop
“St-style is the craziest”
Pressure, you know your rhymes amaze me, just
“Get on the mic”, “[?]” show ’em whose “Craziest”

[Verse 2: Pressure]
Now this be the
Capital pressure from Hilltop, these MCs flex
Deeper than the vinyl groove of [?] DMC sets
The Hoods release text, I bet
That you’ll release threats for the next to sweat
Now please let your mind follow me like a priest to his panthem
The anthem, if they left standing then I hand them
The tool of my trade and flex the trade of my tool
I cool in the shade but Suffa take ’em to school
But it’s cool, MCs are made to be broken like rules
I take my chance and either walk away a king or a fool
The water’s deep, my friend, you can’t wait your turn so
They choose to burn boats then turncoat like Cheryl Kernot
They’ll learn though, as time takes its course
My rhyme breaks the force of your spine to make your toss
So convulsive, you’re so repulsed until your mind is numb
Now just stop your encroaching by, your time has come
Now I’m the one, but to tango, it takes two
Cos MC’s be talkin’ hard times but to me it’s easy
I ran through life’s lessons, tript on, survived destines
To shoot my fate, could accumulate my mic lessons
But I didn’t – I made what I got from just the spittings and persistence
I got to nurse my baby, what’s the difference?
A little patience and let time be, you go through situations
Lessons full of life’s vibrations
“My Style’s is the craziest”
“St-style’s the craziest”
Next you know your cuts amaze me just
Get on the decks
“Show em’ who’se craziest”

Get on the mic
Na… na na na… na na na… na na na nana

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