Hydra Lyrics by Hieroglyphics

  • Album Release Date: 2002
  • Features : {“Souls of Mischief”,”Del The Funky Homosapien”,Casual}

I’m a shady ass fool
I stick a machete in the back of
Your rib cage, trying to disengage the blade just to save
Your life, caught a knife, backstabbed again
Jealous, want your cabbage then, yelling out
How I break out the mack ten, fully automatic then
Start spraying up shots, like crooked cops
Squeezing the trigger like Ice T
It’s magical, how the shiesty ones gradually metamorphosise
Right before your eyes and then flash on you

I get cold sweat, every morning
Waking up from nightmares, about heaven being
This padded room, that god said I’m never leaving
I wonder if I’m dead or breathing, I think he’s punishing me
Cuz I think people look better bleeding
I praise, for Prozac and Codeine
To keep my mind floating, hoping I don’t hurt somebody for nothing
I praise, I remember brighter days,before I was abducted by the grays
And now my mind’s a maze, understand
I be strong in the Berkeley streets
Searching for meat and trashcans with assorted leftovers
I face foreclosure, my mind roams in zones and mazes
Thinking about the days I rhymed (I could’ve made it)
I can’t accept panic swept, I’m an arsonist
Leaving the Oakland hills smoke filled, I’m deadlier than arsenic
Down at lake Merritt, setting ducks on fire, watch the fluttering flab
I’m on the run, fuck the priors!

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Five heads is better than one
Instead of just one, when you see me you better run
They try to say that I’m crazy, but I’m normal
Y’all crazy

They say I’m volatile, infantile talented
Not demented enough to be committed, but unbalanced
I lost my parents as a kid
Nobody’s really certain if their deaths were an accident
That gets me laughing, you’re all just victims for the assassin
Using drugs is suppressive, but I can’t surpass ’em
To kill a cancer, catch it
I wanna see the whole world in ashes
Only then will I be happy
They got my attitude switching, conditions my brain
Moving fast and I’m twitching of this prescription drug, addiciton
Try to maintain the same
But everything’s against the grain
So it don’t make sense to complain
I’m convinced that my brain is tense from the strain of stress
Wanderin’ your town, with intensive pain, and yes
I like to do things until my mood swings, then
I’m like fuck that, y’all niggas is strange!

[Hook] – repeat to end

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