We Get Down Lyrics by Hi-Tek

  • Album Release Date: 2006
  • Features : {“Yasiin Bey”,”Raphael Saadiq”,”Bootsy Collins”}

Put it back together

[Chorus: Raphael Saadiq]
Baby we get down, get down (baby we get down)
Baby we get down (baby baby we get down)
Baby we get down, get down (oh yes, we get down)
Baby we get down

[Mos Def]
Uhh… all-stars
Hi-Tek, Raph’ Saadiq
This the team right here

My.. Hi-Teknique, the Raph’ Saadiq
Mos Def on a beat, Brooklyn stand up
Put your hands up, drop the ass down
Playas play hard, real riders mash out
Lord will connect East, Mid to West
Sin City, Vietnam, Oak-Town roll out!
Aw shit, it’s about to go down
So nice ghetto call us The Dice, we throw down
Like what!
[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Mos Def] Uhh, Saadiq blow

[Raphael Saadiq] + (Mos Def)
When we get down, oh yes we ride – the – bus (right)
It’s more room – for – us (true)
And best believe, we’re cho-kin (uh-huh)
When we get down, everyone drops – their – drinks (aw shit)
Playas do – your – thing (uh)
They’re makin their way to the danceflo’ baby

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Raphael Saadiq] + (Mos Def)
WE GET DOWN! Every day, every night! (Saadiq)
On the flo’! (uhh, haha.. teach ’em, teach ’em, teach ’em)
If you want baby (that boy got talent!)
On the bleachers baby (tell it!)
You know, uh – WE GET DOWN!

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Mos Def]
Yo, where my riders at? Where you survivin at?
Put it up and let me see where it’s poppin at
Aight, now where my pretty little mamis at?
Damn ma, it’s a job workin all of that
Aight, now where my all-star ballers at?
Sippin slow, gettin low, just fallin back
We all here, jumpin all fair
Rob Lowe, I’m at the ghetto get involved here
[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Mos Def – over Chorus]
Oww, ha, yes we do
Yes indeed, yes indeed
Uhh, as we proceed to give you what you.. need
Uhh, Hi-Tek we cool, so special

[Bootsy Collins]
Hit the spotlight playa with the fresh new G
Cloud at the bar, we mash, who’s she?
Get that girl with the big tooshie
Take one or ohh, for ooh-wee
On her mind, quite needy
She wants my thang all, on her body
First let me see her shake that booty
Yeah shake’s good, I think naughty

[Chorus] – immediately fades out

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