Can We Go Back Lyrics by Hi-Tek

  • Album Release Date: 2006
  • Features : {“Talib Kweli”,Ayak}

Ah-hah, yeah uhh
Tek-Zilla, Zilla, that’s me baby
I know you done heard it all before but uhh

I wanna take you back to the good ol’ days
Good homecooked food, good ol’ steak
Long walks in the park, we would talk forever
Me and you together was the golden era
Never thought you’d be my ex-dame, Jones on the phone
Used to give you long pet names, now I feel alone
Got me zonin off track, lookin at your pics
Feelin like Big, “I want that ol’ thing back!”

[Hook: Ayak]
Can we go back to that (2X)
Can we go back, I wanna go back (2X)
Can we go back to that (2X)
Can we go back, I wanna go back (2X)
[Ayak – singing]
Holdin hands, in the park
Doin all, the things that lovers do
Is how I remember you
You showered me, with kisses sweet
You made me feel, like I was your queen
Feel safe in your arms just where I wanna be
So wrapped and so in love
We would talk, makin plans sittin on {?} stumps
Long gone are those days
But I say, can we…

[Hook] with ad libs

[Talib Kweli]
Why not, let’s do it
You keep it fresh like the ‘dro in a sack, you rollin and blowin it back
You growin I’m knowin the game is whack but I know what I lack
Niggas used to love H.E.R. but now she just a ho on the track
She’s strippin up though out of stack, I wanna blow out her back
Shame we lowered the rap bars, replaced with this whack
I’m sharp like the slasher that stab ya, hittin ya face with the dagger
Still I be faced with the task of shakin they ass
She gotta bubble like she, takin a bath, we takin it back, yeah

[Ayak – singing]
Lookin back, at what we had
How did it end, it’s such a shame baby
Cause you were my all end everything
In my mind, you were fly
But over time, how is it we change
No matter what I wish it won’t be the same
Can’t rewind to times we were in love
Never thought we’d end up breakin up
Long gone are those days
So what do you say…
[Hook] with ad libs

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