Bullshit Lyrics by Hi-C

  • Album Release Date: 1991
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[Verse 1]
Bullshit, that’s the title of this shit
And when you hear bullshit, you say “That shit hit”
Now quit, don’t try to fuck with this
I just drunk some gin, I gotta take a piss
Mmm, aah, what a relief
All up in a girl I just released my beef
I keep humpin’ and pumpin’ until I cum
Yo bitch, give up the pussy, and don’t play (dumb)
For your body, you know I’ve been craving
The last couple of weeks my lunch I’ve been saving
To get your ass in a motel
My dick is steady poundin’ and you’re the scale
So weigh me—wait, I’m about to strip
Take off them clothes so I can rip
That coochie, I know you wanna give it to me
But ay, hoe, don’t try and do me
I’m cool, and patiently I’ve been waitin’
Stand up stuck up, them the ones I be hatin’
And when it’s time to get a dick pack
They always come with that shitty act
I’m sorry, Hi-C, we can’t go out tonight
Fuck that shit, y’all make a nigga wanna fight
So, hey, what’s up? It’s gon’ be like that?
I ain’t gon’ ask you no more, I’m about to jack
Now take off them clothes, and lay down flat
‘Cause that big fat pussy I got to crack
She took off her jeans, body looking real pretty
I made a mistake when I asked to see the titties
She ripped off her bra, didn’t have no fears
Her shit was slappin’, clappin’, flappin’ like elephant ears
I said “Damn! They big as fuck—a little bit too big for Hi-C to suck”
So I thought for a minute without making a sound
It took at least 10 minutes for me to wrestle ‘em down
Threw back on her bra, tied it up in a knot
Slept on a padlock and said, “Now let me see your cock”
She said, “Uhn-uh, stop, boy, that’s enough, I quit”
Now how would you feel if I just slapped you, bitch?
I’m hitting harder than a bullet, my rhymes don’t quit
I’m Hi-C, hoe, so stop popping that bullshit
Come on, y’all sing it (Bullshit!)
Yeah, y’all niggas thought I was selling out (Bullshit)
Louder (Bullshit)
Everybody, say it (Bullshit)
Yeah (Bullshit)
Keep slangin’ the funky shit (Bullshit)
How we do (Bullshit)

[Verse 2]
The bullshit I write is the ultimate
Not the counterfeit, but the legit shit
Now trip, I’m the writer of this script
It’ll make you hop because it’s so damn hip
Bullshit is like a thief, it’ll run from your ass
It’s sorta like diarrhea, just splishity-splash
Bullshit is bad, it’ll rough you up
Like a bitch with the drips, it’ll fuck you up
But then again, it’s tasty like beef
Like a bitch suckin’ your dick without no teeth
It feel good—now don’t you want that feeling?
Big bullshit, that’s the stuff that I’m dealing
When I bullshit, here’s what I do
Roll up a fat joint, grab a 40 or two
Crack open a bottle, and get to downin’ shit
I turn on the TV, watch some nasty flicks
Now when you bullshit, you’re not similar to Crawf
You like to be in the bathroom jackin’ off
With a goddamn nasty book inside your hand
That bullshit ain’t for the average man
The men I know, hey, they like to fuck
Like to lick on some titties or get their dick sucked
That type of shit goes in life
When you bust your couple of kids and go get you a wife
I’m the hip-hop hazard, Hi-C, and I would never quit
That’s just itsy-bit of the bullshit
Yeah, you know how I do it, y’all niggas can’t fade this
Haha, steady rollin’ with the punches, you know what I’m sayin’
Oh, Hi-C, ooh, your music be bumpin’, boy; you got it going on
I know you making money now, with your cute self
Um, just let me know, what you want me to do for you?

[Verse 3]
I want you to fuck me and suck me and never stop lickin’
Unh-uh, I ain’t finna do all that—nah, I’m just bullshittin’
‘Cause deep down, I really love ya
Hey, girl, I ain’t lyin’, I put that on Russia
Now what I say might sound like drag
But I hope this bullshit don’t make ya mad
I know I promised you so long for you to fix your nails
But it always seeming like we going to the motel
But hey, baby, I can handle this
All my homeboys say I’m so muthafuckin’ skinless
‘Til it’s a goddamn shame
And young girls shouldn’t be allowed to mention my name
So what, I don’t care, I don’t give a fuck
‘Cause when it comes to pussy, I just line ‘em up
I fuck one then I say “Who’s next?”
Hi-C getting more pussy than a goddamn Kotex
A rough rider when I’m fucking a hoe
I drop my dick like Macho Man dropped the elbow
There’s no age limit that I fuck
But I prefer you to be 13 on up
I’ve been servin’ bullshit, now how have you got you share?
Quik, tell me, was it funky? (Ah, fuck yeah)
Yeah, haha, and we just bullshittin’
Yeah, y’all niggas know, ‘cause I’m taking over
Tony A. in the house, yeah
We doin’ it, and the beat goes on, haha
That old gangsta shit
All the niggas in my neighborhood, y’all niggas stay up
I ain’t forgot about y’all
Yeah, all my homies, haha, we gon’ flow on
Born in Louisiana, nigga, raised in Compton
Y’all know what’s up

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