Lil Trig Lyrics by Hen-Gee & Evil-E

  • Album Release Date: 1991
  • Features : {}

Behind the wheel, other foot’s on the pedal
Bang, bang, earned another neighborhood medal
Hit the pedal, it sounded like this
Another one down on his death list
Stayed pissed tight fist, when one even glanced
Tech-9 slid in front of his pants
At a dance one disses his partner Bo
Kid ain’t know Bo was with Lil Trig and Joe
Joe asked Bo: ‘Yo, you know that kid?’
‘Step to that kid for what he done did!’
So Bo stepped, talked to me son?
Bang, bang, bang, got done, not one
Bodies dropped, yes, yes, he did
Sprayed the whole spot, guess who? Lil Trig…

Was on a mission going bazerk
Sucked his teeth when moms mentioned work
‘Jerk, jerk, good for nothing bum!’
Pops said to Lil Trig, his son, while sipping rum
Was numb, no sorrow when playing crap
Stayed strapped when he’d loose, pulled out and attacked
Took the bank, that’s how he live, he didn’t give a
Shot any and plenty, yes, Lil Trigger…
Lil Trig, many feared and disliked
So cold he robbed a lady who had no sight
Blind, didn’t matter, he’d shoot a cop
Wouldn’t stop till he seen the cop drop
He shot a kid dead in the dome
Took his ride, Rolex and cellular phone
Guess what he done next?
Crashed his girl cause she had sex…
With this kid on the other side of the town
Trig was steaming hot, said gonna kill that clown
Called three of his soldiers, they rolled out
Looking for that kid’s whereabouts…

Creeped slowly, lights off, car full
I’m not even gonna mention first who pulled…
At five kids kicking it on the steps
Bang, bang, bang, sound of a Tech
Ducked, bullet flew through a screen
Hit a girl in the eye, only thirteen
From a donut spot came to where they was firing
High beams, colorful lights and sirens
Quick U-turn, Trig kept spraying but…
Cop shot the driver, threw the door in the gut
Car out of control, hit a pole
Two dead, other knocked out cold
Trig in a daze, cop said: ‘Hands up! I repeat!’
He did the opposite, bang, dead in his seat
One survivor serving life, can you figure?
Was it the gov’t, his pops, the streets or Lil Trigger?

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