Therapy Lyrics by Heltah Skeltah

  • Album Release Date: 1996
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[Intro: Ruck, Vinia Mojica, and Rock]
Ruck: Bring in the next patient
Vinia Mojica: The patient is sleeping
Ruck: Bring me his chart
Vinia Mojica: The doctor will see you now
Ruck: How you doing, my man? Let’s see what we have here. My name is Dr. Killpatient, and I’m your psychosssssigmathetamasochistic. Rockness Monsta
Rock: Hey, what’s up, doc? Ayyo, doc, here’s the problem here

[Verse 1: Rock]
All I seem to think about is violence
It doesn’t matter if I’m dead-sober or I’m bent
It’s strange. I’m not insane or at least I don’t think so
Or am I? You think so, doc? Truthfully, I don’t know
So what do I do? I go to my crew and ask for help, but
They ain’t no help, they go through the same shit their damn self
So I look deep into the mind of
A crook, then, out of nowhere, I envision two right hooks
Aww damn, again goes this shit, I
Can’t get out of this cycle, this one got me whipped
On the thought of a brain bashing. Doctor, stop me
Before I blow my motherfucking top, G
[Verse 2: Ruck and (Rock)]
See that leather
Sofa over there? (Yeah). Sit back with this six-pack
And a spliff that’ll have your mind twisted while we chit-chat (I like this)
I think that we should start with the session (Uh huh)
But before we begin, let me ask you a few questions: (Uh huh) have you been
Touched the wrong way? (Nah). Involved in gun play? (Yeah)
Get time? Let me guess: acquitted like you was O.J.? (How’d you know?)
Typical black life, you jackknife son of a sea biscuit
Get specific and stop fucking around with that crack rock
(Yo, I don’t smoke jumbs). Yes you do, duke, I can tell
‘Cause you’re acting funny like when blacks get money
(Bummy Jab’s only married to Juana, and instead of helping)
(You’re getting me heated like a sauna). Just trying
To get into your head Pardon the way I treat ya
Tell me ‘bout your scar. Did your mama beat ya? (Nah, man)
Fuck the mystery, duke. Tell me your history
You’re pissing me off, plus the time keep on slipping, see?

[Hook: Vinia Mojica]
I need a doctor to give me some therapy
I need a doctor to check my, my brain

[Verse 3: Rock and (Ruck)]
As I
Think back to the ‘90s, that’s when life got
Extra grimy, multiplied with a fleet behind me, wasn’t smart
To try me, physical fam gave less than a…
Which added on to ‘80s anger tearing through my inner
(Now we’re getting somewhere, yeah). It’s all becoming clear
I always feared I’d have to play the rear ‘til I was outta here
That’s when I flipped out and became a plane that trans-
-formed into a robot, “Rock Da Kids” was his name. (One of them)
(Decept’ niggas?) Yep, taking dope clothes and then some
I bent some. (Did you have any legal source of income?) I said
Farewell to welfare crazy long ago. They want you
To work for them peanuts now, and you need a shrink if you think I’ma go
(Huh) Then any thoughts and hopes of rehabilitation
Were killed when I lost my nigga Phil. It’s been downhill
Ever since, and ain’t nobody helping me, so
I came to you, the Dr. Killpatients, for therapy
[Hook: Vinia Mojica]
I need a doctor to give me some therapy
I need a doctor to check my, my brain

[Verse 4: Ruck]
What’s the
Prognosis? Better yet, duke, have a dosage
Of prescribed poetry that people perceive as potent
I’ve been going through your file and I found, in conclusion
That you’re destined to be the best in this world of confusion
You lose when you fall victim to evil ways. I know
Crime pays, but the rhyme slays nowadays
Take two of these, and if you have a problem at all, I’m
On call twenty-four hours to brawl, word is bond

[Hook (Overlapped with Outro): Vinia Mojica] (x7)
I need a doctor to give me some therapy
I need a doctor to check my, my brain

[Outro (Overlapped with Hook): Ruck and Rock]
Ruck: This is my number, ya know’m saying? 4-9-5-Nevermind-Nevermind, but you the undisputed, and now you’re therapeutic Boot Campion champion. Come on, man
Rock: Can’t get with me and give me my damn money back
Ruck: The undisputed with therapeutic Boot Camp champion, R-O-C
Rock: Check my brain, check my brain
Ruck: Therapy
Rock: I need therapy. Ayyo, man, don’t fuck with that doctor, son. That nigga ain’t shit, man. He crazy his goddamn self
Ruck: You know karate, but I know c-razy. Therapeutic and undisputed

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