Smack Muzik Lyrics by Heltah Skeltah

  • Album Release Date: 2008
  • Features : {“Flood Diesel”}

[Sean Price]
Listen, rap to the beat, ya’ll niggas can’t rap to the beat
Clap at ya fleet, leave ya niggas flat in the streets
Smashing your peeps, whole fucking faculty meet
Ahead of my time, rhymes’ll come back in a week
Smack Muzik, that gat in ya lap music
That North Cakillac, with crack in the ‘lac music
Act stupid like niggas in special ed
Your ass’ll get left for dead when I sketch yo head
Bent some bread, better than any nigga you know
Sean Price get nice like Henny, Remy and ‘Dro
If inni, minni and moe, try to fuck up my flow then
I whip my gun, the semi ready to blow
Smash ya face, skinny pimp, smash ya tape
It’s hard out there for a pimp, ask Pastor Mase
Listen, I rap wild but the cash is great
You? You rap mild but ya cash is late
Ya’ll niggas wack like black in alley
My niggas trapped, see the mack I carry?
Hah, listen, when I kill ’em, I kill ’em in cold blood
I ain’t playing with none of these niggas, let it go, Flood
[Hook: Flood]
Uh, ya’ll niggas don’t want no drama
In ya house, talking to ya mama, quit
Put niggas on Slim Fast, that’s a lead type
You want it with him? Huh, go ahead try it
Ya’ll niggas ain’t built like that
Ya’ll niggas ain’t been like that, where you been at, black?
P, eat them niggas, feel that track
Let ’em know, where Brooklyn at? What the fuck, we right here, nigga

Listen, this Smack Muzik, you sucka ass niggas get smacked to it
For no particular reason, just cuz you rap stupid
Or maybe just cuz it’s heated, niggas react to it
End of Pulp Fiction, you lucky you ain’t get clapped too
Welcome to my animal house, or should I say the cannibal house
We moved out the animals out, damn it, we foul
Cannons about, as big as your mother, we hit you, you done
I don’t mean like dunn-dunn, dumb ass, your for ’em
Son, these ain’t real niggas, I smell bird
They a bunch of bitches that like bitches, they L Word
Impersonators, I heard a hater, they a tell word
Wanna send me to jail, I’mma send them to hell, first
Terrorize you like my name Osama
I’m not, I’m hardcore President Big Rock Obama
That’s me, you third grade math, you are not no problem
Divide or subtract you niggas when the shots got blocka
I’m such a monster, appear and destroy and I’m up in God, chumps
Rest assure your boy is fucking bonkers
Just ball, like MJG, you don’t want no drama
Monster, never seen one? I can show ya
No deep cars, but I’m a Rock N Rolla
Let’s roll, I drive you crazy, I’m not chaffeur
You cannot hang, you not my posters, hit ’em Flood

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