Hellz Kitchen Lyrics by Heltah Skeltah

  • Album Release Date: 2008
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Listen, if I die tonight, don’t stress yourself bitching
Cuz a big Thanksgiving size plate waiting for me in Hellz Kitchen
Hell’s Angels gon’ do my bidding like I’m Charlie’s Devil’s rejects
He kicked me out for robbing zombies
And I’m right back like I forgot my keys
On the block slinging shots for cheese, that’s a fair trade
A hustle’s a hustle, my hustle is muscle
We dump til you buckle, leave you fiending fuckers in puddles
None of you wanna dance with the devil, save me the last dance
Been a gat man since Marques Houston was Batman
You Della Reese, get smacked with a top of a trash can
I’m quick, nah, bitch, not quick like ya last mans
Sackman street slaughterhouse, spartan savagery
Murder muthafuckas, monster mashary, assault and battery
At the least, B, I promise, you haters
I show you grocery, without a bodega, you bitch bastards

[Hook: Rock]
Will heat your bird, rotisserie ducks
Not just birds, we heating all beef up
Not just beef, we heating these streets up
Don’t stop there, we heat whole cities up
Why stop there, we heat countries up
All off the heat off one CD, yup
Can’t take the heat, get up out of this bitching
I’m welcoming real niggas to Hellz Kitchen, listen
[Sean Price]
Yo, peep the food for thought, if food were thoughts
I’d be Lean Cuisine, you Mushu Pork
Napoleon complex, pa, you too short
Can’t, rock with the God, nor box with the God
Listen, I paid my dues, I’m paid, my shoes
Cost so much to look at ’em, charge pay-per-view
My gun game crazy, the fifth spit I
Kill man, woman & child, ala Chris Benoit
Sean Price, is not the brokest rapper you know
Blow G’s on trees, rolling tobacco and smoke
Puff my trees, don’t fuck with P
You a new born I’m dealing with these plus degrees
Peace God, you see my success? I’m trying to succeed
You niggas suck cess in blunts and suck seeds
This is the Boot Camp Show, I’m your host
Most definite, the best in ya row, coast to coast, P


I’m just gon’ say it, yo, we the hardest tag team ever
You better than them niggas ‘Catraz and P? Never
Disrespect us if you wanna, get ya teeth messed up
Deal with angry Robert Blake, that’s the mean Beretta
We Da Incredible Rap Team, muthafucking rap G’s
Suckas never catch me, up in them slim ass jeans, ya’ll some bustas
I think you gay, you might be
Catching giant balls on your head like you David Karee
[Sean Price]
Yo, Kanye West welcomed niggas to the Good Life
Sean stay stressed, welcome niggas to a hood knife
Niggas ain’t crazy, they ain’t ready for a hood fight
Rock a bye baby, with the eighty, pa, good night
Pa, you the shook type, know your kind
Niggas like you, ain’t even supposed to rhyme
Listen, I used your CD for a coaster
B.C.C.C., Sean P and I toast ya


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