The Arrival Intro Lyrics by Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2010
  • Features : {}

* Heaven my love is stronger then the wall
I’ll climb it till I fall so I take me to… *

A-yo, that shit right there, son
Yo, what the fuck is that moving over there?
Shit look like a star, son (yeah, look like uh, look like uh…)
That shit kind of bright OH! That shit moved
They wanna know why…
Hell Razah became Heaven Razah (that shit moving!)
For ten years I gave you Hell Razah You know?
That was the younger side of me
That was the material side
That was the… the flesh
Now I’m gonna give you the Heaven Razah
That’s the spiritual side
That’s the man side
The six-point star in me
So I’ma let the halo glow
And I’ma let my wings go up
And I’ma take you with me
[Verse 1]
Until the chariots’ swing low
I got an Elohim glow
With Zechariah eyes, dreams in the UFO
I’ve been to hyperspace, cosmic angelic mode
Hypothetically we speaking in schematic code
It’s all Kemetic connected because we magnetic
My woolly hair’s electric, my energy is halo
My energy is fatal, more militant then NATO
If I was born in the past I would’ve inspired Plato
I’m independent, only signing to God’s label
The double-minded is unstable, they’re prenatal
So I’m detaching your spinal cord for free cable
With a cesarean cut below Eve’s navel
My seven Chakras rotate around like helicopters
Then I’ll reverse with Kabbalah curses of witch doctors
That sent the Queen of the Damned by the name Akasha
She sip poisonous vodka listening to dark opera
Infidelity lust but I don’t trust nada
Since the Gay Boule merged with CIA
They killed the image of Pac and gave you Kanye
From my bottom to my thirty-third vertebrae
I gotta pray before I end up with a murder case
But if I’m destined I’m more desperate then Led Zeppelin
I’m one-two-stepping until its Armageddon
But recommended, no pun intended, you get offended
I’ma take you to Heaven
Put on your axe not helmet
Be ready
Let your mind free

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