Raised in Hell Lyrics by Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2010
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Yo Raz’, man, you still putting it down in Hip-Hop, man
No’m’sain? (Word?)
They brainwashing our babies through Hip-Hop now, man (I know)
Let ’em know, you still here raising our nation

[Hell Razah]
I’m a traveling man till they separate the goat and the lamb
Since the Covenant with Abraham that promised the land
When the return of the Son of Man, the chariots land
Better plan to be somewhere Bible in hand
And pray the Seraphim’s and Cherubim’s is guiding our fam
I’m underground as the railroad that Harriet ran
Now we on the Peter Pan bus swallowing grams
Our first chance at a couple of grands
I’m surrounded by Swine Flu’s and nine jewels
Adolescences that brain tools the high schools
They injected a biochip inside foods
From how to rule to being Piru’s
To the teachers of the honorable
And Yah or Jah the most powerful
You know the damage that a dollar do
We still dying like we Amadou
I got them begging me for volume 2
I wonder what it was that Malcolm knew?
He didn’t run when the bullets flew
See I’m a lion in the Brooklyn Zoo
Inside a concrete jungle do
Now the question is who is you?
Would you die if you knew the truth?
The word of God is my bulletproof
And any weapon that you choose to shoot
It’s like Bishop and Q
I’m gon’ to top roof
True stories ain’t no happy endings
It’s either blood shedding after weddings
It ain’t no telling when the killers blending
We all headed in the Armageddon
Till we either in Hell or Heaven
That’s my man Hell Razah
What I tell you? Brooklyn’s Finest, man
He’s a problem, man
All they hear is… Razah woke the children, man
From Brooklyn to Bethlehem
Wingz Up!

You are now listening to the sounds of the Renaissance Child!

[Hell Razah]
Last year they was hard off too much 50
Now they Microsoft X-Box 360
My own team players tried to Michael Vick me
K-9 unit wanna search and sniff me
Bulletproof vest on that match my Dickies’
Wit Air Force or Timbs that’s always biffy
Drunk or piffy, sober or tipsy
My city gotta eat more then Nicole Richie
If 09’s are 90’s this our year, man
I came in fly like Tuskegee Airmen
You get aired out, check ya PSI’s
We the booth DNA for the CSI’s
Tell these clorox rapper this the new NY
Just because Biggie and Pac I’ll let ’em slide
Alotta man got killed over too much pride
I got his or hers’ a coffin for Bonnie and Clyde’s
22’s on the hearse, is you ready to ride?
It gets deeper then the verse, is you ready to die?
My weakness was kindness but part of my bloodiness
With 20/20 vision when it comes to my conscious
Stop all the nonsense, he don’t want war
The bullets outta Wal-Mart in PA gun stores
A few more months coming, brand new gun law
Guantanamo Bay moving all of the drug lords
Niggas making rap songs identity fraud now
I’m big in the East like I played for Georgetown
I’ve been on point guard, now watch me clap boards
I burst so many I should open a rap morgue
At four years old wit a chalk and a blackboard
I’ve picked up slack all the places you lacked on
You hustling backwards, selling your cracks wrong
America’s Online, who’s ready to log on?
“The Hell Razah – Raised In Hell” (repeat)

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