Medical Kush Lyrics by Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2010
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Session one; patient: C. Smith
August 8th, 12:30 am

It is clear in the present gospels which we now have
That claims to be the Son of Man, the Son of God, the Messiah
But notice all these different titles

[Hell Razah]
33 and a 3rd he be the living word
One verse live longer then the Phoenix bird
Except Barrack is half white, the Anti-Christ
Was he white or Jeremiah Wright?
Last night was a FEMA strike
Insomnia hold my nina tight
My DNA be a Israelite
Abraham, Isaac or Jacob
I wake up inside the Virgin Mary
It’s Melchizedek inside a belly
Black meek alone Machiavelli
Ready by all means necessary
It’s now deli in the sanctuary
Had to throw away my BlackBerry
Being followed by the military
For everyday I revolutionary
False prophets the time’s over
Before the God’s son signed Jehovah
We was the controllers of this rap culture
My Last Supper is at the Passover
Judas make me keep the gat closer
And the UFO’s Testarossa
I’m coast-to-coaster
This ain’t ya war Buffalo Soldier
We can build the Moon planets over
Or we can take it out the holsters
However y’all wanna do it?
(Chorus) 2x
Light a bush of that medical kush
Push record on that protool board
This is history books
They overlook not knowing I’m ill as Sam Cooke
They complain if it ain’t the same Autotune hooks

[Hell Razah]
Passports and Visa’s, airports must report to FEMA
Back to Paris on them one-seaters
A sixteen is worth Mona Lisa
I turn a jail cell to ya Sheba’s
Gon’ have a seizure like Julius Caesar
My hat tilted for the scale of Libra
Eric B & Rakim ‘Follow the Leader’
Since I was a 9mm and I ain’t gotta be famous either
And my ether still oil reigns’
Brothers I love they done turned to haters
They all Judas so I gave them hangers
You Hindus they don’t want the angers
I’m in PA and its shoot the rangers
Coffee shop wit the newest Hagers
It’s Star Wars without Ronald Reagan
And I’m a legend rap Larry Davis
Shooting at anything that’s pagan
Stare, echo’s no Kevin Beacon
You see ghettos when you first awaken
Dead souls, no education
Apocalypse Now revelation
Off that kush that was medication
I see my friends turned two-faced
We’re on tracks like off to pay me
Put some more bass in
Watch me kill it like Kel Bassey
Your label calling it for Dick Tracey
You spit crazy like it’s off safety
Permanently so you wanna ranch me
You blasphemous all you gotta face me
(Chorus) 2x

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