Im Leavin Lyrics by Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2001
  • Features : {}

[Hell Razah]
We got ice cold Moet, room service, project sex
Sweet vampire, candle fire, kissing my neck
Richard Pryor cracking jokes, on the TV set
I heard the breast of a woman is more bitter than death
But God made male and female to be one flesh
Keep a law and have love and respect, we kept warm
Offa body sweat, intellect is what I reflect
Now lay ya head on top of my chest, relax your thoughts
I was struck by a mother cut, fingers were soft
Phone ring is hard reached out, they cut the ringer off
Play the sport like Jordan when he run the full court
At halftime we can fall out and both bust off
In the hour like we like gunpowder and raise up
And hit the shower with my sunflower

“You gonna want me back” – sample

[Hell Razah]
I thought the love that we had was deepest, we shared secrets
You kept me strong in my time of weakness
I was damn near speechless and sleepless
To share you, come on, ma, be the cheapest
Now you acting like them birds you be in the streets with
Coming in beefing, it’s obvious you out cheating
I tried to play it off, read it, but I can’t believe you
So now I’m leaving you that diamond ring and you can keep it

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