Dear Lord Lyrics by Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2010
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(Chorus) 2x
Dear Lord if you take me away from here
Is it a project Heaven awaiting there
I put my heart and my soul and my faith in there
I feel like sometimes I wanna escape from here

[Hell Razah]
Age of 12, he noticed all the stages of hell
And at the riches wasn’t worth to live his life out of jail
But as a knucklehead Common on his top bunk bed
Another lost sheep mislead for his daily bread
Till he heard what experience said?
About the dead don’t return
If you’re mentally don’t listen and learn
In the beginning was the word
That was spoken but it never was heard
Cuz you too busy puffing bluffs on herb
On the curb where they sell their cracks at and dice games
Finish kilos before the night came with ice chains
Plus the cops be a blue gang who know you by name
We ain’t nothing but a runaway slave that’s off the chain
Try to reach freedom riding on back of a train
17 on his own, had to hustle to eat
Spoke to God every time he use to mumble and speak
In his room all alone and died under the sheets
Waking up being strong where he use to be weak
Seen his peers fall asleep like it could of been me
Now they wrestle with a lost soul and angels meet
He use care about what went on his feet
24/7 days a week, catch ’em where the criminals creep
He in the lab writing rhymes to a spiritual beat
As he turn up his radio
He sits down and he writes another rhyme

He bow his head saying
“Ghetto prayers for hood blesses”
They ask the Lord a few questions
Is there project inside Heaven?
Will he survive for his sons wedding?
And if he died will it be a lesson?
May his soul go where it’s destined?
This ain’t a role play by Charlton Heston
Or John Wayne in the old western
I’m Black Moses Isaac Hayes burning that Hendrix
Purple haze, he heard a voice from the burning flame
Telling him God got a certain name
After the birth of the Virgin came
Wait for the sign of the serpent’s pain
His 12 disciples was just like you
They drew swords now they draw rifles
Abraham sons turn rivals
Holy Qur’an versus Holy Bibles
It’s the same cycles
Protect my soul Archangel Michael

(Chorus) 2x

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