Cinematic Lyrics by Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2010
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[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yeah, Cinematic, Renaissance
Razah Rubies, you know
I ain’t writing rhymes no more
I’m writing movie scripts
And this one is all Blaxploitation

“Well I think that’s a little bit out of our league”
“Only out of our league, if you think it’s out of my league”
“Well then that’s what I mean!”

[Hell Razah]
That’s when I met Coffy, a belvedere dear, hair like Pam Grier
Sipping on some Grand Marnier, gave me a cold stare
Glared at the sparkle like Claudine, she brought fiends
Said she want a piece of the action and more cream
Morphine, guarded your dreams with just an old fling
She moved on to bigger and better things, like wedding rings
Married to a Superfly guy, they went to Cooley High
With Fives on the Black Hand Side, they wanted Short Eyes
A hundred grand dead or alive, they found ’em hogtied
Inside the Car Wash of his boss’ ride in crossfire
The minute Truck Turner arrived to pay the court by
I want him and his bride married side by side
That’s one down, two to go, no witnesses, no clues
Lady Sing the Blues so he cut off her airplay
It’s Three the Hard Way, gun spray when it’s broad day
The Mack had his hoes lined up in the hallway
One girl, Mahogany know him because of skin tone
Used to bone Black Belt Jones and check her cell phone
Redial then got a dial tone from Cleopatra Jones
Noticed she was after the throne, so she grabbed the chrome
And called up Trouble Man, “Damn we need a better plan
It’s Hell Up in Harlem when Cotton come with more grams”
Ok, yes mam, I’m keeping it low key, I’m O.G
Just make sure it’s Cornbread for Earl and Me
“Ya’ll listen to this little record
Don’t get your hearts together
Talk about taking checks, what do you think you’re doing
Everytime you pick up a gun?”

[Hell Razah]
Black Caesar caught the kite, he was uptight
‘Cause Dolemite was Uptown Saturday Night moving that china white
Willie Dynamite had a bet on Iron Mike
Gambling with money trouble, can’t break the Monkey Hustle
So it’s champagne bubbles, cigars, and card shuffles
Money in the duffle bag, Shaft’ll get the other half
He put it on his badge and staff’ll leave a blood bath
The spook who sat by the door, sold him the .44
And keep on recording more, footage and go it’s war
Cuz slaughter’s big whip more was hurting his credit score
With Petey Wheatstraw, who was getting his ‘caine raw
He paid for a Sugar Hill, and crisp hundred dollar bills
Heard killas out in Bucktown, got his brother kill
The word is it happened up in Uncle Tom’s Cabin
A witness saw it all Across 110th Street
Convinced me, and I could get the low with the charges
We the black godfathers, love the silence revolvers
Black cinema

“Listen to me, you had three stand the chance
To get something out of her”
“Yeah, that is besides laughing and bragging
Over how many brothers you done chopped and killed
In some foolish gun war
Now sit your funky asses down for a change”

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