Chain Gang Lyrics by Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2007
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[Richard Pryor sample]
I was on the Chain Gang… Chain Gang, Chain Gang
Always on about the Chain Gang… man, the Chain Gang
That was a hell of a thing

[Intro: Hell Razah]
Renaissance Child.. dedicated to Nat Turner
A true Maccabean rebel… yo, let me tell ya this story

[Hell Razah]
They had us handcuffed on them sea ships, since the days of Egypt
Now it’s sitting in a racist precent
Black Hebrews from centuries ago, young Negros
With dark skin and afros, who built castles
White halo’s on black Anglo’s, who were sold
Like Joseph, by his own brother, later on, to free his own mother
We only suffer cuz the God love us
Give it to the hands of blood suckers
A lost tribe that was undiscovered
Until the British came and bumrushed us
What you think my desert eagle’s for?
That’s why Moses told Pharaoh, ‘let his people go’
Until this day, that same evil grows
From oversears, the Ceasars, the black CO’s
In the prison cell, living hell, naked and cold
You feel the chills when you hear them keyholes
All your freedom get closed, in the end, we all reap what we sow
[Hook: Hell Razah]
It go, Deuteronomy 28, verse 48
“We was a chain gang, split up, and brought to these states”

[Hell Razah]
Children of Zion, was choked, by them yokes of Ion
Now they screaming, let bygones be bygones and burnt icons
Before they white washed, everything bronze
Told the Israelites, they took away they right to bare arms
Johnny Hawkins, captured us, and started auctions
Back when cowboy spurs were for birth abortions
Queen Elizabeth, she sponsored and she help fund it
And we was slaughtered like some cattle, that been hunted through the jungle
Kept in dungeons in London in the fifteen hundreds
While they waited for the slaves, the ship Mayflower blundered
Now if a riot was the lies, it’ll still be genocide
Black on black crime, kept us falling behind
Involuntery servitude, had us serving them food
A holocaust of the last jews, they should of been sued
Left our fathers in the solitude, sharper than spoons
On the chain gang singing about poverty blues

[Hook 2X]

[Hook: Hell Razah]
It go, chain gang, same things, same faces
Same names, same hell, same flames
Chain gang, chain gang, same names
Same faces, same hell, same flames
[Richard Pryor sample]
There was one thing about the chain gang…
It couldn’t move fast… if it couldn’t move fast
It couldn’t get in trouble…

[Outro: Hell Razah]
J.A. Rogers, part of the “chain gang”
Joan Chesemur, part of the “chain gang”
Harriet Tubman, part of the “chain gang”
This goes out, to Sister Sojourner Truth, part of the “chain gang”
Jay Rivera, part of the “chain gang”
Malcolm X, be, part of the “chain gang”
True and living soldiers out there that died for the truth
Clarence 13X, part of the “chain gang”
Caleva Havvi, part of the “chain gang”
Rabbi Bivels, part of the “chain gang”
Left something for us to survive off of, in these last days
Daddy Rose, part of the “chain gang”
Huey P. Newton, part of the “chain gang”
Dred Scott, part of the “chain gang”
It’s how it go down…
Nat Turner, part of the “chain gang”
Noble Drew Ali, part of the “chain gang”
Fidel Castro, part of the “chain gang”

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