Arabah Lyrics by Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2010
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Heaven sent, Heaven sent
Heaven Razah
Heaven sent, Heaven sent
Death one of the professional
Heaven sent, Heaven sent

[Hell Razah]
I’ve been flossin’ since the age of seven
Like it’s an old cassette session
Watch my pops blast Ottis Redding
I hear ’em talk about Armageddon
On Earth as it is in Heaven
I’ve been a weapon since I turned eleven
At fifteen knocked for drug possessions
Seen the older Gods quoting lessons
And for protection, wore bulletproof vests for their coke investments
At sixteen seen the worst things
At seventeen had my first King
DaShanine birthed my first seed
The Earth bleed when I proceed
The hearse leaves with my old G’s
They died quicker then them dope-fiends
The more money comes to most schemes
So it’s diligence and long-sleeves
Paranoia from the strong weed
Hash rolled and banana leaves
I stare through insanity
A man bleeds for his family
A boy died for his fantasy
Black Capone with them ninas and chrome
You a semen of clone
I make ’em sing like it’s Nina Simone
Was conceiving a poem
In the stomach for his kingdom throne
And his name… Chron Smith

1976 I was sent, got a lotta white college and them scholars convinced
It’s top dollar when I spit
If you follow the Prince
It’s Spielberg when I fill words, hot as suspense
I’m Heaven sent
Heaven sent, Heaven sent
You’know? Sometimes you just gotta vibe with the rhythm
Let your wisdom marinate with it
Like this…

They say I’m deep, I’m a specialist
Most definite, I’ll have your head spinning around like The Exorcist
I battle presidents and leave ’em in a deficit
For all the peasants that was treated as a predicate
I was relevant, ’76 Heaven sent
Heaven sent, Heaven sent
I can hear the lost crying souls
See flying roads, eternal love off iron rose
True kings wear lion’s robe
Interpret Hebrew on papyrus scrolls
It’s like the words start glittering
Can you picture it?
It sounds innocent, damn but so militant
The vibe of the beat and the Ra should be intimate
I strolled down memory lane in many rippleten
You too limited based upon your ignorance
Son I’m unlimited mines is more infinite
You gotta sit back and vision it
Where opportunity knocks, my community is picking the locks
Dred Scott with a millennium bop
We ain’t feeling the cops
Get off the strip son, you building or not?
They got satellite Google Earth filming the spot
I use my pen to publish the gospel of Mark 13 and 10
Before the world end, to the grown minds of young men
I’m like Daniel in the Lions’ Den
Hell or Heaven is just my environment
The body is weak but the spirit is strong
The truth is deep, but you can’t hear it too long
The body is weak but the spirit is strong
The truth is deep, but you can’t hear it too long
I’m Heaven sent
Heaven sent, Heaven sent
Yeah, now you understand the definition
Heaven Razah
Heaven sent, Heaven sent
Kno’m’sain? Ain’t no telling where my mind gon’ be

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