A Brooklyn Tale Lyrics by Hell Razah

  • Album Release Date: 2010
  • Features : {“Shabazz the Disciple”}

[Intro: Hell Razah]
T.H.U.G. Angelz
A Brooklyn tale, you know?
This goes out to all the families out there
Lost somebody to the drug game
Half of the hood fell victim to crack and AIDS, man
We had to follow? The father was a cokehead

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Cap daddy was a whore martyr, seduced one of the street walkers
Spoiled her with material things, a street talker
Old school, one ninety jewels and British Walkers
A ghetto prince, hood corporate project, apartment office
Had her laying up in luxury suites, bragging and sniffing
They had two kids, both babies born with addiction
Connect brought ’em in on a big investment
Had tears of that brown shit, that direct from the gold depression
Plague of addiction, increase profit, margin of sales
China white, took it in scales
For six months, the feds was filming his deals
For direct sales, he was hell without a bail
Padlock the condo, in the Honda, kick the door off the hinges
All the distress, and wifey sharing syrenges
Now she got them dilated pupils and the glossy iris
He got natural life, he got trapped with the virus
And had son be in the White House, nodding off the bundles he clipped
Burning the spoon he had an elephant fists
With shooting galleries, they found him O.D.’d in the alley
All of the wagers of his sins were tallied
They got hauled off in the black Caddy wagon
The heroine hurricane had them both chasing the dragon
She buy they worldly riches, they were consumed
Now pops gotta try to raise his daughter from the visiting room
He had a vision, of walking streets paved with gold
For that bank roll, he gave his soul
In the end all he had to show for it was life with no parole
As the BK Tale unfolds, cuz it’s the power of the streets
[Interlude: Hell Razah]
She had to watch her brother on dope
She couldn’t believe what he was doing in the bathroom
He told her don’t worry about it
And then he died on her

[Hell Razah]
She was born on heroine, since a baby within
Minnie Riperton records would spin
She fell in love with the older men, the money they spent
By the time she was ten, starting using the gin
Been seduced by a pimp who was never her friend
One ride on it’s white horse, it’s in the syrenge
And you would never ever have no more worries again
He tapped her arm for the vein then he pinched her skin
She blacked out, woke up, in the back of a crackhouse
A down south runaway slave, was under the age
Her mother and her brother both turned in they grave
Wrote letters to her father who was up in the cage
He was sentenced to life til the end of his days
But the page kept turning, end in nothing but pain
And the more he kept reading, he was feeling ashamed
How the money and the fame just drove ’em insane
But he left down a legacy over some Hennessey
Now his daughter’s on ecstasy, end of her pregnancy
She was raised as a sinner, and death is the penalty
So he told her, he promised to seek some therapy
Cuz it’s the power of the streets
[Outro: Hell Razah]
They got him in the prison
He can’t get out though
And the Brooklyn Tale continue

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