Yes Yall Lyrics by Heavy D

  • Album Release Date: 1992
  • Features : {}

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah..
Do it like this though, do it like this though, do it like this though..
Make it fat like
DIS, dis, UH, uh, HEH, heh, UH, uh
HEH, heh, UH, uh, HEH, heh, UH, uh

Aiyyo ruff ruff rugged rugged ruff ruff digga Dan
Who’s that? The man, I’mma slam it like Bam-Bam
The big man, the bigger plan, the nigga jams
Quick to figure and I pack Palladium stadium stands
Rugged raw, clear the floor
R&B hardcore plenty more. been on plenty tours
Been in plenty drawers, far from just okey-doke
Not into no hokey-poke, although I may drink a Coke
Hell no I won’t smoke no coke
Steady steady but ready for pitty petty
Big and heavy, far from Chevy, so save your gas for Getti
Mic check it, microphone check it
Watch me wreck it; I’m never half steppin

Chorus: various samples
Far from a chump, I’m a champ, I get amped
When I run through camps, gimme some plaques on the stamp, HEY
I need a girl who got plenty trunk, who knows I got ghetto funk
Not into blunts but I be on a stunt hunt
Got crazy drama, dramatics, big girls in Bahamas are addicts
So now they cling like static, dig it
I rolled up on some old wonderama type of drama
I’ma, comma, big belly punanny momma harmer
Bag a cute, so NIGHT troops, I’m all about
Two scoops, I cut loose, just me and a few troops
To handle static to me is automatic
I never panic or stall, I’m gigantic so yes, y’all


Uhh, king of the big boys, bigger boys, don’t even matter
Save all the chitter chatter, I make em split and scatter
I keep em goin for blocks, I never ran from cops
I roll with my flock, and get props from dreadlocks
I treat a mic like a bad habit, I grab it I gotta have it
A funky junkie flippin styles is automatic
I freak a beat like a prostitute, I’m always in hot pursuit
I’m tryin to get lots of loot, lots of boots
Do jungle rocks like a hustler moving crack
Like a muscl-er microphone damager handin ya rough like a wrang-ler
Sew up cities with girls of pretty, known for the nitty gritty
My flavor, is major, you’re itty bitty
Chorus: repeat to end

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