Wanna Be a Player Lyrics by Heavy D

  • Album Release Date: 1997
  • Features : {McGruff}

I drink Gatorade man
Uhh, what, Heav’ Diggy y’all
Gruff whattup Gruff? (whattup)
Quite, huh, say what?
Uptiggy y’all, they ain’t ready, uhh

[Heavy D]
Yeah Heavy not a think about romancin you
But my mans tell me I ain’t got a chance wit’chu
What a nigga gotta do to get a dance wit’chu
Get dipped, take trips, fly to France wit’chu?
Now I’ll be there to keep you warm when nights is cold
Word to God, I swear I’ll give you somethin to hold
See you be on my mind cause you shine like gold
To think that I’ve been knowin you since we was young years old

[Herb McGruff]
Whattup miss? C’mere, give Gruff kiss
Drive a nigga crazy wearin stuff like this
Boo you hot, like the Campbell buddah spot
I’m the man, to hell with that damn dude you got
Used to see you summertime, Grant’s Tomb a lot
Me and all my mens smoke boom a lot
(Aiyyo Gruff I got the 6) Well circle zoom the block
And y’all listen up, cause Gruff show you a drop
[Hook: Heavy, then McGruff]
So you wanna be a player, then what are you so afraid of?
Trickin cash and you still gets no love
Cause Heav’ is all she thinks of
So you wanna be a fly guy? Runnin ’round here actin all rah-rah?
I’ll be chillin and smokin on my lye
Heav’ D and Gruff we stay fly

[Heavy D]
Ma-ma, I swear, you be lookin fancy
Won’t you take time, see if you chance me
You be like dough slow but Heavy gettin Nancy
Some don’t really like me, they don’t understand me
Dig your style plenty, remedy Remy
Now who can hang with Heavy, not many, if any
You runnin ’round here chillin wit’cha girls and stuff
Creepin while you peepin out my jewels and stuff

[Herb McGruff]
Yeahhh, this yo’ world, no doubt you go girl
Gruff specialize in makin ya toes twirl
At Uptown, we be shakin the whole world
Platinum, any broad I want I can have ’em
Anybody floss we gon’ bag ’em (yeah)
Cats be gettin tossed when we catch ’em (yeah)
My lifestyle, off in Manhattan (no diggy)
Stay jiggy, caught up in the fashion


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