Moneyearnin Mount Vernon Lyrics by Heavy D

  • Album Release Date: 1987
  • Features : {“The Boyz (Hip-Hop)”}

(Funky) –] James Brown

(Money, money, money) –] The O’Jays



(Money, money, money)


Get up, party people, listen to this rap
Cause I’m about to go down and put my town on the map
MC Heavy D, delighted you’ll be learnin
About the place where I rest, Moneyearnin’ Mount Vernon

(Money, money, money – MONEY) (2x)

My town is really quaint, but we ain’t no saints
And if you think we’re pooh-puts, think again, we ain’t
We’re stormin strong, get taken out, never
[Name] Mob, stone cold terror
Not here to talk about that negative tip
Just makin sure you didn’t make the mistake and slip
Not rappin all about the good times and chillin
But you can come and visit, homeboy, that’s if you’re willin
If you like it so far, you think you want more?
Come Uptown and I take you on a Heavy D tour
On Mount Vernon
(1-2-3 – hit me!)

(Money, money, money – MONEY) (4x)

Born in Jamaica, Mount Vernon I grew
But I still do my shopping on 4th Avenue
Buy my Nikes from Chambers, then walk down the block
Get the gear that I wear from Buddy’s Big Men Shop
When I start to get hungry and it’s time to eat
Buy a burger from Shabazz on 4th Ave./3rd Street
I’ll never forget the place I got my start
Around the corner from the crib, and it’s called ([Name] Park)
Now in this park I’d bang a beat on a seat
Bust a rap for the crowd that was really unique
For an eight year old kid inside the 4th grade
And when I grew they all knew that I’d get paid
And on my way up I took no shorts on the court
I played and I slayed, I learned and I taught
And shortly after that everybody was yearnin
For Hev to go down in the town of Mount Vernon

Moneyearnin’ Mount Vernon

(Fellas, I’m ready to get up and do my thang) –] James Brown
(Yeeeeah, gimme some mo’) –] The JB’s
(1-2-3 – hit me!)
(Gimme some mo’)
(Gimme some mo’)
(1-2-3 hit me!)
In the summertime, when the heat is hot
We can cruise on 3rd Street, but you can call it the block
Fly ladies out there in the short set suits
Nothin ugly approved cause all the girlies are cute
Would drive in my Blazer for a four-dollar fee
Written on the license plates is my name –
When it’s time to chill we go to 4th Street Park
Pick up some brew from Big Lou when it gets dark
Go watch the summer league games, sip and forty and max
Cheer for the winner and watch the competiton get waxed
When that’s all over it’s party time
Come to the show and watch me go on a Heavy D rhyme
In Mount Vernon

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