Takin Mine Lyrics by Heather B.

  • Album Release Date: 1996
  • Features : {}


Kenny, word is bond, it’s that butter

I’m spittin back at all of them on this track, believe that
The A&R’s that try to hold us back, and everybody

[ VERSE 1 ]
From now on I’m makin moves, fuck plans
That’s the shit I’m on as my front door slams
And fuck these neighbors, they’ll never understand
But one day I’m gonna make ’em all big fans
Turned on my light and took my coat off halfway
Then sat down and sparked up the roach in the ashtray
Plugged up my beats and took off my Nikes
No kids in my crib, hip-hop gives me life
That black and white notebook, damn, I can’t find it
Been thinkin all day, now lyrically I’m inspired
I pray every day a stray bullet won’t take me
I got to live to see where I finally make me
I got the hots for fat knots and drop tops
I’m gonna be more than a girl with a hair shop
The writer’s block, ock, I’ll knock and chop
I’m goin for my shot at this game called hip-hop
I’m gon stop all the Heather-cannots
With a box of can-dos and all types of what-nots
And read my label when I enter the room
Yo, believe that I’m deadly once consumed
[ Chorus ]
There comes a time when people go shine
When they wanna act up, yo, I just start takin mine

[ VERSE 2 ]
True indeed, this was inspired by the weed
Then empty another dime with hardly no seeds
My daily deeds I need for cheese all day
Cause one slice will take my fuckin hunger pains away
I got dreams of bein head negress on a island
And all my people’ll be out there wildin
We be smokin and tossin up God’s greener salads
Our dressin is golden, but the leather all Italian
That Franklin paper stacked up by the thousand
And government won’t be controllin our housin
Cause really niggas want they own, we gon’ be loungin
My whole crew, I swear, the cess gon’ be stylin
Niggas is tired of totin stress and frownin
The fattest cars we wanna ride around in
Goretex boots ( ? ) on the terrain
Our lands in the sand cause some things don’t change
Act up and you’ll join Ms LaBelle
( ? ) ‘Please come back and kiss away the pain’
Footprints remain on the backs of pirates
That aim to invade my purple place
[ Chorus ]

[ VERSE 3 ]
And I represent the 54th Regiment
Speakin with no speech impediments
Cause a king once stayed strong
In the state pen-itentiary believe we
Gonna hold down JC
We be the next new niggas, we goin for it all
Only crew gon’ catch crew and only crew when things fall
In the long haul your mental got to stand tall
Yo peoples must be ready for whatever when duty calls
Bitches claim they heron, that’s silly
The bags ain’t nothin more than a twenty
A pure boogie, they can’t do me none, nothin, no, nada
They been warmin up for years and can’t get no hotter

[ Chorus ]

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