Flyin High Lyrics by Heather B.

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {}

[Verse One]:
I’m not just another female rapper, It’s much deeper
Break my name down, H-E-A-T-H-E-R
Heather Heater, B, has to B-E the truth seeker
Mama should’ve named me Malika
Means Queen in Swahili, I’m alot of y’all achilles
Sudden death wouldn’t kill me
I was born to be born again I’m guilty
I middle finger Satan, I accuse America of rapin
I told labels, they was takin
So I slaughtered the pigs and kept the bacon, respect my greedy
I eat to live and speak freely, Color me Purple when I spit like Cely
On all you, misters and misses, I ain’t never been nobody mistress
I’m a grown woman, even under the influence I know what I’m doin
I rhyme to reiterate the game ain’t ruined, I’m a shoe end
Don’t need Pradas or Louis to put a foot in
Your rectum, this is a warnin, and a lesson
Shot fired, I was listenin not retired
Got encouraged, then inspired
Not ignorant but ignited, my personal private
In the meantime REWIND what I salive it
I’m lookin to be inducted, not indicted
Now dare me to previal, in this climate, I’m flyin higher!!!
So high, yes I’m, climbin high, It’s I
So high, yes I’m, climbin high, It’s I

[Verse Two]:
And I don’t have a guilty conscience
So blame me for disposin the garbage and exposin the foxes
H be the monster, the most respected
Don’t mean the most popular It’s all what you optin for
Publishin I own it, my dreams I ran down own ’em
Chased ’em, ’til my wheels became donuts!!!
One mic, many components, lil’ hood lil’ educated all good, got my diploma
Like moms and my Coronas, love Good Times like Florida and Wilona
No weights on my shoulders, nobody was expectin me
So let me borrow a line, at this time from The D.O.C
The formula I got it, like playin spades and listenin to The Chronic
Like seein The Five Heartbeats and then goin back to really watch it
How ironic! The game ain’t changed, egos still kill the artist
Who’s reallyon the humble? Yeah we dogs
Long as one of us wears a muzzle, stay out of trouble
It’s all so suddle, how they waste you then want you
You gots to keep your feet up on you
It’s so so dirty, how they want you to smile and stay purdy
But ain’t no deals after thirty
Who’s worty? I’m worthy you respect me you deserve it
And I hope you, you, and you, heard me
So high, yes I’m, climbin high, It’s I
So high, yes I’m, climbin high, It’s I
So high, yes I’m, climbin high, It’s I
So high, yes I’m, climbin high, It’s I

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