Am Goin t Jail Lyrics by Hawd Gankstuh Rappuh Emsees Wid Ghats

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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[Flybot Van Damn]
Well I’m mad n sick
Fucked up and I’m cussin
Sniffin Krazy Glue
Drinkin Robitussin
C’mere ya goddamn piece of fuck
I wanna back over your face with a dumptruck
And watch the blood come out of your eyes and nose
Then I’m gonna drop a big rock in your bowl
Well I’m huge, you better realize that
Got three fuckin rows of teeth like a shark
Chop down your tree and bite off all the bark
So don’t you make no smart ass punk remark
Cuz I’m liable to go off on ya, bitch
You’re lookin at a psycho
I’ll make ya real uncomfortable
And I’m laughin, heh heh, cuz it’s funny
And when you see me comin you get up and get runnin
Coverin your ass cuz you know that I will kick it
That’s the ticket
I’munna strike and a-picket
See my boot? I think it’s time ya lick it
Ya ain’t safe in the woods when I drop out the thicket
I’m stalkin
Whenever I’m out walkin
Guess what? I’m gunna jump you first
Cuz I saw you a mile away with binoculars
Just got done stealin your mom’s purse
And we ain’t even done with the first verse
Fuck yeah, Dipshit
Am Goin t’ Jail
[Guy Albino]
I go all out on a fool with a blunt tool
Swimmin in blood pools it’s makin me drool
To just think about it
Killin n killin again
Rip off your neck reach down and grab a vital organ
Of my choice- heart, spleen, lung or liver
I put it in my pocket and snack on it later
Keep your eyes peeled and keep your ears open
Cuz I see the world through an infrared scope- n wait
I see your jawbone startin to masticate
A hundred eight bones in your body to break
I curb-stomp your feet then smash them with hammers
Literally, not metaphorically or grammatically
I take away at humanity
Death is for certain, my life is insanity
My Mac-10 has a empty clip again
I reload and show you how to kill men
I swing the battle axe quicker than ya thinkin
Leave decapitated heads dead and stinkin
Cops or civilians, it doesn’t make a difference
When the Mac’s spittin, they’re all gonna fit
Into a category when I decide to stick them
Smoldering bodies of my pulverized victims

[Dook Crapmore]
Now it time to get mellow
Cuz I’m tough like old Jello- yes
Dook Crapmore
And I can see- you’re back for more
Crush your head- and then choke ya
Don’t look dead- I’ll poke ya
Roll ya up- and then I’ll smoke ya
From the start
They could tell
I’m straight from Hell
Born- with gun in fist
Found out quick- I’m easily pissed
Doctor slapped my ass and they found him dead
Raised on dirt and beer-soaked bread
Six foot tall at the age of five
No one in my town was still alive
I killed em
Meanest motherfucker that you ever will meet
As I grab your face and begin to beat
Your ass
And steal your grass
If you’re lookin for your drugs?
I took em
Grabbed your beer cans
And shook em
Then I chewed the face off your pit bull’s pups
You think this mellow man is all a bluff?
How can a slow fucker be so tough?
Well drop to the floor
Cuz I killed your
Mother in the Summer
Sister Downtown
Wife in the street
Kids at the playground
When I get to you
I’ll throw you down and fuck ya
With a rugged dry hump
Try to get up but thump thump thump
I’m the Dook
Motherfuckin maniac
Memories of me, drippin from your butt crack

Slow it back down
N that was nothin
Time for me to go
With Flybot and Guy Albino
Cuz some punk we killed, I’m tryin to rebuild
Chopped off his head with a Boy Scout hatchet
Duct tape- I’m tryin to reattach it
Got myself a hammer
And got myself a nail
Fuck this- Am Goin t’ Jail

[Flybot Van Damn]
What the fuck ya lookin at?
Can’t ya see I gotta motherfuckin problem?
I’m on drugs- and I’m slobberin
I like to disembowel and mutilate
Me so hard I got a AK-48
I’m also skilled in martial arts, see
Jump kick put a foot up your artery
Har de Har Har I just can’t seem to stop laughin
I like to break shit in half and in half again
It’s bafflin
How the Hell’d I get up on this scaffoldin?
Doesn’t matter
Cuz Flybot’s goin to jail
Goddammit better send me some fan mail
The food I get better not be stale
Like this here microphone
I think it’s time I pass it, yo
To my motherfucker, Guy Albino
[Guy Albino]
Yo fuck dat, and yo fuck dis
I think it’s time ya wake up and smell the piss
And just so you know who ya fuckin with?
It’s Guy Albino, and you ain’t shit
And you ain’t shit, and you ain’t shit
And you ain’t shit, and you ain’t shit
And if there’s any motherfuckers out there that i missed?
You ain’t shit, and your dog ain’t shit
I got ten pit bulls on one damn leash
Ready to chew your ass cheeks like raw meat
And when I’m through? You’ll wish you was dead
And if you don’t? Well then I’ll still go ahead
And kill you
Leave you lyin there until you
Commence to rot and start smellin like mildew
Just like a Indian doin a rain dance
I jump up and down on your head and do a brain dance, punk
Ya jerk-ass dork
I’m runnin through Hell with your mom on my pitchfork
I rain on your parade
I shit on your picnic
I’ll break my foot in your ass like a toothpick
And then I’ll sit back and have a big shrimp cocktail
Cuz Am Goin T’Jail

[Flybot Van Damn, Guy Albino]
Am Goin T’Jail
Goin T’ Jail
Am Goin T’Jail
Shit, Am Goin T’ Jail
Goin T’ Jail
Goin T’ Jail

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