You Treated Me Lyrics by Havoc

  • Album Release Date: 2009
  • Features : {Cassidy}

Ayo I’ve been around the world and back
Had me all kind of chicks
Me settle down? Nah I wasn’t the one to wife a bitch
You came along and started talkin’ all this different shit
Had me waited a minute befo’ you let me start hittin’ it
Where you took it slow, on the low I wasn’t diggin’ it
Wasn’t my mo’ I let you rock for a lil bit
Tried to play that good girl, now I’m catchin’ winner things
How you smut around and fuckin’ niggas for all kinds of things
How you strippin’ by the bings, trust me boo it’s not a thing
Coulda told me from the jump, you ain’t gotta lie to me
By the way ya girl is eyeing me, watchu mean “Chill”?
Grab a wet wipe from ya bag boo, the bee spill
Word, now that we got an understanding
We could cut out all the raving and ranting
What? No more dinner, no more movies
When you see me, you just do me
And we go on our separate ways and bounce like you neva knew me

Some people starvin’, some people not eatin’ right
You eat everyday and still say that I don’t treat you right
Ey’ you ate earlier today and you gon’ eat tonight
And you lay on thousand dollars shoes when you sleep at night
Gucci this, Prada that, I keep you lookin’ decent, right?
I put you on private jets; you don’t take the cheapest flights
You must like beefin’ cuz you don’t speak to people right
That’s the reason you and ya girlfriends stop speakin’ right
And you accused me of cheatin’ every freakin’ night
And that’s what I don’t freakin’ like
I know I’m the freaky type, but I don’t creep around
I can let a chick eat the pipe and eat you out while I’m fuckin’ her
So you can keep it tight, psych!
But yo, you can keep a secret right?
You might get mad and shit, but ya girlfriend bad and shit
She pretty wit ass and tits, so I had to hit
But don’t get mad; just let my man have the kid, BITCH!!!

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