I Clap Em Up Lyrics by Havoc

  • Album Release Date: 2009
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(Hook) 2X
I don’t give a fuck what ya name is nigga, I clap ’em up
These slugs will make a mothafucka famous and tear that ass up

One gun, two gun, three gun, four
So many of them, niggas still want more
Niggas talk drama but they don’t want war
My mouth waters when that line gets crossed
Untimely loss didn’t want a hand was forced
While ya family reassess of what the damage cost
Yeah nigga, keep it simple what you grillin’ me for?
Got this four, clear the pop, ya top is off
You got me wrong, who you think you runnin’ up on?
Have him lookin’ at the sky wit his ass all torn
Yeah he had so much potential now his life is gone
It’s sad to see what niggas don’t get to see their first born
It’s sad to see a mother mourn
Her baby overdid it, we clapped them hammers nigga
A grown man’s nigga, got them doctors lookin’ at you like..
“Damn nigga! Who the fuck did it to you”? “That’s a bad nigga!”
“Scalpel please, I’ma have to go in, this nigga’s fucked up!”
(Hook) 2X

Police: Callin’ all cars, callin’ all cars
Possible suspect wildin’ the fuck out
They said he’s from Queens and he has a lot of guns
So be careful when approachin’ the suspect;
Make sure your shit is cocked, ya heard?

Wit so much drama on these New York streets
Niggas actin’ out of characters baby before I damage ’em baby
Fuck that, a nigga bussin’ his heat
You must be out ya mothafuckin’ mind, think you gon’ play me
You know the heat is whereva I go
In to the blow, buckin’ you niggas dodgin’ from Po’
Jumpin’ my whip, you know I keep a couple of clips
Murkin’ the shit, open it up to newer clip
Yeah, the four spit hollow tips and mo’
Air it out dawg, make room for the God
You thinkin’ too hard, nigga like me got ya card
But you niggas wanna go and get police involved
The beef is on, ain’t no chance to turn it off
Cuz P broke the switch on y’all, told y’all
Yeah, whereva in my presents got beef you betta dead it
Pride – swollowed that, if not you gettin’ wet it
This nigga is not playin’
(Hook) 2X

Gawd damn that boy is hot, that boy is hot, I knew it
Since he was a lil youngin’ he was gettin’ all spin like that
I knew he was gon’ be a killa, a motherfuckin’ murderer
Y’all better watch out

(Hook) 2X

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