Endo Glide Lyrics by Havoc & Prodeje

  • Album Release Date: 1994
  • Features : {“Young Prod”,”L.V. (South Central Cartel)”,”Mr. Wesside”}

Yeah this is some of that laid back Prodigal G-funk for the 9-4
With A Havocal twist
I got a sack of orange
I’m finna take me a ????? and be like ????

Taa-dow, back up in your ass for the fourth time
Mill. 9’s carry crimes from the waistline
Knee deep in that shit that you like to call a gangsta
Diggin’ in your brains if I bring the
Flow to your door, can I come on in?
Kick my game in yo’ ear, do you hear?
Shall we spend – time in my coup, hittin’ dips and blocks
As they nod G-Funk from the bucks that rocks
Endo – I spill it till you feel it, big baby
From the hood where the shit gets crazy
And never sweatin’, suckers I gaffle
You thought me ???? but yo, I never felt a baffle
To the break of dawn, till the twilight midnight
Everywhere I go I keep my G tight
And if the East Side G’s understand this
I know the West Side G’s comprehend this

Eastside, westside, G-slide
Don’t stress I’m that nigga with the endo glide
Eastside, westside, G-slide
Ah, yeah right…

One, two, three as I creep down your block (low-low)
Don’t slip cause I’m strapped with this G-shit
Lil’ knucklehead with the 9 over his waistline
Wicked, I get it into more shit than pigeon
I did my G-slide in, on the Eastside in
Niggas never stress Young Prod when I’m ridin’
Ruffneck shit
Nigga don’t you want to touch this gangsta funk when I bump this legit
Don’t get it twisted
Nigga but you missed it
Flippin’ to the zone if Young Prod ain’t got ?????
Ride boy makin’ come down now
Just a little touch of this G-shit I found


Before I chill in the streets grab my heat still 187 Bloody M-E-A-T
Mr. West to the S-I-D-E ride
And remember me fool Westside pimpin’ slide
I bust that shit on South Central Cartel’s first C-D
Now who the fuck I be be
G with the Z-I-G-Z-A-G stick’em
I bust a ????? bullet as I hit as I jack ’em
N-U-T’z niggas conceive
West to the side make your hoes say: please!
Suck my dick bitch trick don’t tease
When I’m done, grab my ki’s, shake this spot like a P-I-M-P
Headed for my H-O-O-D hit ????? liquor sto’ for the Hennessy
Before I lounge in the streets grab my heat
Still 187 Bloody M-E-A-T in the street

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