How Much You Want Me Lyrics by Havana

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {}

2000 baby
Havana style
Miami Dade County style
Yeah, uh
How much you want me?
It’s like this

I’m a bad bitch when I grab my tits
Throwed and dopeless, my cliques tha dopiest
Even my drops be explosive
Alley cats sit, they all up in my showbiz
A hundred songs done, damn you still ain’t getting noticed
Erase tha T and add a V and notice
Y’all stay novice, rhymes y’all say is hopeless
Image y’all portray is bogus
Hoes talk lip then they watching Oprah
Smoke weed then get banged and fucked tha hell over
Y’all hate and get banged them cats can rock sofa’s
Like Spades, I crash game, y’all be live jokers
Certified cigar smoker, never losing focus
Why ya man is at my show, scheming how to poke us
Tricks get a Sly Kat, wit them tight chokers
Lip lock hoe’s he got blowed and after that he toe dust
One single where you at? Bitch hocus-pocus
So ya count is still tha brokest bitch, who tha dopiest
Now tell me
Chorus: (Havana)
How much you want me?
(Come on, come on)
How much you want me?
(Let me know, yeah)
How much you want me?
(How much you want me?)
How much you want me?
(What, what, what)
How much you want me?
(Yeah, what)
How much you want me?
(Like that y’all)
How much you want me?
(How much you want me?)
How much you want me?

While y’all bullshit on tracks and shit
Trying to stack a chip, here’s a tip
Leave ya label cause them cats think you wack as shit
Tax write off, bite off the mack I’m packing wit
Blow ya lights off, I blink off like nothing happened bitch
Hidi feist macking shit, scorch you rappers wit
Real niggas that bang and forget names soon after it
Day calhoun activist, fuck all y’all actresses
Sharp as cactus is, y’all dark like ??????
Have ya baby daddy stroke long on these mattresses
It’s concealed like coke in packages, nigga what
See y’all aim, trigger stuck
Y’all duck, quick as fuck
I buck, hit you up, then ya crew picked you up
Watch how I stick ’em up, sticking all you cock boys
Black guards wit silencers, killing all you clips noise
Bitch niggas, no poise, quick niggas East Troy
No shows just Burger King is where they be employed
And tell me

Cut y’all cats like swiss blades
Out the pictures wit no if, mays
Attract the eyes of many like my Fendi Swiss made
Y’all bitches game be thrift made, not even worth saying
Wrecking fools wit feed back not even worth playing
While I’m at the game, it’s trick hoes, chest eat out
Looking g’ed out, living market spree out
Y’all Bill Gates in 98, window style shopping
Keep hope alive now ya third album dropping
Used to talk shit, but now ya shits flopping
Head high and shit had ya whole city jocking
Even wit a rocking chair, bitch you ain’t rocking
Havana’s tha shit, get the Champaign popping
And tell me


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