L.I. Groove Lyrics by Hard 2 Obtain

  • Album Release Date: 1994
  • Features : {}

[Verse 1: Taste]
Put down your paper y’all and flex with the caper
That’s invented, to make your head bounce
From the flavor that we brung forth, from the 12 Block so check it
The type of thing where if you make the wrong move you get wet kid
With the technology, brought by the duo
Plus one makes a trio, that’s DL Six and me-o
With the flavor that’s gettin more ooh than Horshack
The nigga from the ?great view?, always carry full packs
Of prophylactics, so we can stick a chick
On the mattress, then be out — UHH
Check, bust your Tec if you’d like to get
‘Deeper than deep’ like Barry White did
With this thing yup, it’s a L.I. type of swing with the
Utmost groovyness, to make you turn and twist
And toss yourself about and turn around and then be out
With the Groove, from L.I. y’all check

[Hook x2]
Bust a move with the L.I. Groove, bust a move, with the L.I. Groove
And we at it again, and we at it again, and we at it again
Rough enough to break New York from Long Island
[Verse 2: DL]
The shit is pretty thick in the 12, so let me kick it
No hesitation at all, I got balls, so watch me stick it
Rough and tough, as I spit from the tongue
As SD’s breaks the shots from the rump in your trunk
The levels of the boom’s in the rhymes that I consume
It’s coming out ya speaker, listen up
As I freak ya, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh ‘I got the right one babayyy’
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh — don’t try to play me
Yup, I’m bringin the eps, with my niggas from the 12 Block
For real Hobb, I do what I feel, cause it’s hip-hop
And every little thing I do, turns you on
I picture frame, I make moves, I’m quiet as kept word is bond
So let me get down, I be Brown, I Hump Around
Bust a move with the Groove, from wreckin Strong Isle
I am stuck on my color, and black is stuck on me
From the shit that I kick, you know you can’t take it from me
See, I’m not a fool, I took my tool out my top drawer
And bustin moves with the Groove, check it out


Yo Livin’ Large, where ya from Hobb?

I’m from the fuckin’ 12 Block
12 Block?

Yeah, about five minutes from the Fort Rock

Fort Rock yea yea, I know where that’s at
I rest a bit up the road on Winfield and Lafayette

[Verse 3: Taste]
Where niggas ill right? (kinda)
Well, here’s a little reminder
That we can’t be checked, like Jerry Rice on the 9ers
(with the L.I. thing we swing) oh yes it’s banging
(so dance to the drummer’s beat) while we kick slang
And put you on (what you say black? babble on)
With the roughneck business that spreads with the quickness
Taste the Terror spittin’ more gift than Christmas
I’m five-eight, chunky, mad skills that’s funky
?, a motherfuckin body in the trunk G
Styles for days, lettin’ go like Frankie, and Maze
More thumbs up than Fonz on Happy Days
So yes y’all (yes y’all) yes y’all (yes y’all)
Get on the Groove and don’t get left y’all
Yes yes y’all (yes y’all) yes y’all (yes y’all)
Get on the Groove and don’t get left y’all
Hah, and check it check it check it out…

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