Get in Da Club Lyrics by Half A Mill

  • Album Release Date: 2002
  • Features : {Dolce}

[Intro: Half-A-Mill]
Yea, uh huh Half-A-Mill uh huh ’98
Yea, get ya ass in da club

[Chorus: Dolce] **repeat 2X**
You know its ghetto rich in da club
Alot of Cris alot of Mo’ gettin drys in da club (WHAT!)
You know how we get in da club
Alot Hen’ alot of Dro’ gettin bent in da club (WHAT!)

Alot of Cris poppin, shit poppin
A party ain’t a party ’til I’m rippin the spot in
Throw ya hands up, I make it too hot to hold ya pants up
Ma take ’em things off
Let me hold that, I’m ’bout to break
Yo neck, yo back, how much can you take
Inch by inch I wrap the snake ’round you neck
And fuck ’round get lynched
Oops! don’t hurt nobody
Touch ya self do your thing work it mami
Holla, holla you out the circuit mami
The pussy ain’t for you, ya got to purchase mami
Don’t get nervous
Just get down and give me twenty like you was into service
I’m the Firm, hydro roll you got to burn this
We get it crunk in da club, you betta learn this, learn this
[Chorus: Dolce] **repeat 2X**

You know how we get in da club
This nigga hands on my hip he think a chick wanna hump
What?, you know how chicks get in da club
She don’t wanna do nail unless you spendin some dubs
Whisper in my ear I ain’t bentin me up
Tell Duke n Bolver cause I wanna get to ’em thugs
Who got ’em coupes and new Rovers
Any nut strength niggas I don’t know give ’em shrugs
All niggas I can buck wit givin me hugs
Give me some waters, shit hundred proof hurts
Tellin DJ put on that Truth Hurts
I’m so contagious E got me so outrageous
And grabbin on my arm I got to Pee damn I’m wasted
See who wanna vibe and get face quick
Tell ’em “Come wit Dolce”
She a chick that make hoodrats so hot (Damn)
Stand at the block and roast (Uh huh)

[Chorus: Dolce] **repeat 2X**

Uh, yea, yea, you know?
Uh, uh huh, yea, thats right
Alot of Cris, alot of Cris, alot of Cris
You know, uh, uh huh
You know how we get in da club
She swallowin X sweatin and now she wanna…WHAT!
Wipe her lips around a thug, she’s extra freak
Summer time head on the beach, the sexy sweet
Mami shakin that ass til to the beat
Mami make more cash in 5 min than you make in a week
She’s a hustler baby, she pass that Courvoisier
And you can ask Busta baby
CL 6 custom Mercedes fill wit nuttin but ladies
Headed to the club its ’bout to get crazy
She get it from her momma, you can ask Jay-Z
She swallow Cris, puff spliffs and hazy
Eyes be lazy, bring a lot of your ladies
Cause I got more brothers than Isley baby
You can get this party crunkin
The beat is bumpin, bass up and mami tell me sumethin
Come on, come on…

[Chorus: Dolce] **repeat 2X**

[Outro: Half-A-Mill]
Yea, uh, Half-A-Mill
DJ Ali ’98, get ya ass in da club mami

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