Wo Wo Wo Yeah Yeah Yeah Lyrics by Haiku dEtat

  • Album Release Date: 1999
  • Features : {“Haiku d’Etat”}

[Chorus – Abstract Rude & Mikah 9]
[2x] Whoa whoa whoa, Yeah yeah yeah

So it’s united we stand and divided we fall
Tighter than all of y’all, but reality’s calling y’all
I looked but I didn’t hear, I heard but I didn’t listen
I listened and finally heard the final word and it
Took me by the hand, led me on the way
Showed me the door and, told me which way to walk
Told me don’t look back, but I had to take a chance (I had to take a chance)
They said the road was bumpy but you gotta advance
You gotta take a chance, and don’t take shorts
You gotta learn to dance and take a life with your hands
But don’t take off quick, even though you can
I take it it’s whatever it takes, and take it like a man
I hope you take the time to put the needle to the jam
And don’t take it for granted, or take it wrong
I’ll be with you when I ain’t with you take it strong
So we can take this opportunity, to show you the unity
Between the earth the sun the moon and we
Soon to be free, from the pain of dying
I don’t complain, I just keep my plane flying through the rain
Through turbulence, and the stormiest weather
We do a song do a show and get paid, whatever
We birds of a freestyle feather never forget
The reason why the mind’s so broad (so broad)
And it’s only by the grace of God
And it make you say

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