Silent Lyrics by GZA

  • Album Release Date: 2002
  • Features : {“Ghostface Killah”,Streetlife}

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, six o’clock in the morning
That’s right, you gotta get your darts right
Spray ya’ll niggas on some marksman shit

[Ghostface Killah]
I got rid of the grays
Took my hat off and the crowd went crazy
Bitches threw their panties, the sound man was fannin’ me
The whole place was standin’, G
What they chant, we was family
Jumped in the crowd and I swam the sea
Threw me to the back, surprise, I still had my chains on me
Dana Dane, front row bitches, I bang all three
Say, yo, Math, fuck it, throw on Jim Browski
Versace, banana color robes and my socks be
Them Billie Jean shits and they real rocky
The feds can’t knock me
I bench Coliseums while Genius spot me
Plus I’m cocky, bitch
Once I, took off the hoodie, revealed the face
Cop patrol couldn’t control the place
I got groupies backstage, lined up at the gate
The signs up, yellin’, “We love your tape!”
I’m sorry I took so long, didn’t mean to make ya’ll wait
But good things take time to create
You can find me, in your studio
Half baked, eatin’ ganja cake
Tryin’ to make my next release date
With Ghost, Street, GZA, great minds relate
You know a brother bond is hard to break
When we perform we cause the Earth to shake
Ain’t nuthin’ change, it’s still those same niggas you love to hate

I set examples over amplified samples
That’s scratched in the club, ducks begin to trample
On those who fell victim, body loss they souls
These beats when I picked ’em
Jones played the role, soldiers, brave and bold
RZA paved the road, GZA buries the scrolls
Then months later it was, then years later it was
Written on loose leaf, that old formula
That was stolen by new thieves
The journalist watched it, critics couldn’t knock it
A piece of history that they carried in their pocket
With the time factor, speed was the order of the day
With a delay they were able to, what he would say
Why waste the slot time with a ridiculous rhyme
That’s only excused by a generous mind
I kept ’em stored in the shelters like the goods in cans
‘Til I turned rap fields into harvested lands

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