Path of Destruction Lyrics by GZA

  • Album Release Date: 2008
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[Verse 1]
He was raised in a house, where he got scarce attention
Twisted, yet methodical mind, not to mention
Circus like atmosphere, story book upbringing
Neighborhood full of married couples who loved swinging
Preacher lived life, he spent it in the spotlight
A teacher was his wife who was stabbed and shot twice
They attended a church, where they both were active
And a little bit of rope, he gave others attracted
He rule with the iron hand, if the meal wasn’t hot enough
Then he’ll swing the frying pan
Heavy as the hammer of Thor
You know he suffer from the consequences
Of broken vowels and law
A convicted felon for armed robbery
At the time where he had sank into deep poverty
Forsaken by his mother and father, Christ achieving the talent
He attended the sheet on the path of destruction

[Interlude: sample (GZA)]
And these prisons held yesterdays juvenile delinquents
Convicts who entered crime, even before they entered puberty (on the path of
They remember how old I was when I first got in trouble
Me? Around nine, nah, six, seven
[Verse 2]
He ended up on the block with kid scooters and ice cream
But in and out of foster homes, until he was 19
Stealing for food and didn’t do for enjoyment
At the time of lay off, shut down and unemployment
He moved into a new world, to seek his fortune
And suited himself to the times with extortions
A hustle that was ruled by men and murder
He earned enough for his daily bread and wanted to move further
He knew no good, could come from such a sin
Had issues as a kid, so he held it all within
And he pursued the game so hotly, on a path of destruction
Even though the road was rocky
Very caught up in his own drive for dominance
And to know that he would pay in the end was common sense
Some say he had a long deserved death
And then he felt relieved when they were told he left

[Interlude: sample (GZA)]
These young civilians move to an assault and battery
Plus, mortal techniques, breaking and entering, burglary
Purse snatching (on the path of destruction)
Shoplifting, hand graffiti, crash and stolen property
Possessing and distribution of narcotics
Illegal possession of weapon, assaulting a police officer
Larceny (on the path of destruction)

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