Breaker Breaker Remix Lyrics by GZA

  • Album Release Date: 1999
  • Features : {“Inspectah Deck”,”Masta Killa”}

[Verse 1: GZA]
Come and get some, you want none
Y’all niggas wanna bring it, get done
Flashback, ’88 rag type Volvo
One court solo, slash for logo
200 hyenas roam the arena
Schemin on a truck Chevy, quick to rush every
Criminal mental, satanic pen pal
Wild style on your wax for ten thou’
Most notable, Hip Hop quotable
See many went, only one got a show to do
Floor soakin wet with the drinks and dance sweat
Tell me which click got the deadliest handset
I make the mic pump, force make your feet stomp
Murderous beats move like rope for you to jump
And the two-inch, tighten with the wool-wrench
None qualifyin ass-niggas, the Jon Bentz
Spend it real, ’nuff festivals on the grill
Got a deal, no return with the Brook Shield

[Chorus 2x: GZA]
Breaker, Breaker 1-9, can’t rhyme
Y’all niggas wanna shine, get offline
[Verse 2: Inspectah Deck]
Yo, I use and abuse all groups and crews
I can’t lose, straight up and down, I’m bad news
Like the bears, we folks from under the stairs
Pack a hand trigga, scared niggas don’t dare
From the rear, I smash through like a John Deer
Plant a bomb in ya ear then disappear
With a speed that’ll reach mach five
Niggas pop jive, that’s why they on the opposite side
Dick riders tryin to make their way inside
Boy analyze, my camp be amplified
Certified live, right before your third-eye
Supply the mental high for the fiendish
Thru the intervenus, see it like a wide-screen Zenith
Got sweetness, wanna show me your cleavage
Leave it to the specialist, leave your wig split
Leavin no witness, it’s a mean business
We mean business, invest in cream
Till my exit scene, I stay plottin on my next scheme

[Masta Killa]
Next scheme
Blessed with the art to pierce and shoot dart
I toke the bass, put your shovel to the Rebel
Allah Just, embrace his face with the metal
Danger, woman adore to the chamber
Let this nigga run out wild with the banger
Hip Hop socialize, enterprise, snubs in the club
Twenty wizards, about 300 niggas inching your square
Or could it be the armory?
Fifty-two low hand, touch the ground
Strike his knee, pass the heat to my man
Windmill backhand bust your nose gland
Mic stand, might crash a wild fan
The Aqua, city of Atlantis, mantis, flying locusts
Surround the oppose, a bomb only has one time to explode
I blow and break and quake your whole state
Throw the shit on DAT, and make me a fuckin tape

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