Young Ladies Lyrics by Guru

  • Album Release Date: 1995
  • Features : {“Kool Keith”,”Big Shug”,Patra}

Yah this is the real vibes OK?
To all the man and the ‘oman dem out there
This the word
The original jazz and the reggae vibe
Yah watch this
([Shug] Young ladies, fly ladies, young ladies in the house)
Yah this is Patra the Queen of the Dancehall
Teamin up with Guru, of course
([Shug] Young ladies, fly ladies, young ladies in the house)
Bad bad by law, you know say you’re da numba won
Trust me.. watch dis!

Come on take a ride with the lyrical five foot eight
And three-quarter warrior; I saw you pass me in the corridor
POW — the eye to eye contact was all that (AY)
I dug your little steelo, fine, you dug mine
You want my digits? I’m with it (take it)
You could ring me up whenever, whatever’s clever (ONE time)
[Big Shug]
Stroll your way, you know you want me (BO!)
So bring your game over here to the bar
You know you wanna sit and hang with the star
Maybe get a new house — and a BRAND, NEW, CAR! (a-hah-HAH)
But +The Price Ain’t Right+
Cause I ain’t your size baby, and I ain’t your type

[Kool Keith]
Check it
Your honey’s fly, but she wants me, I’m all that
She’s perpetratin like she never even heard the record
Or saw the video, or heard the loudspeakers
You got the TV, your whole family did see me
([Shug] Young ladies, fly ladies, young ladies in the house)
Kool Keith in the house with Shug and Guru
Primetime jazz and limousines gettin to you
([Shug] Young ladies, fly ladies, young ladies in the house)

Okay.. check dis baby.. way up top ‘bove

Baby you look good in that dress
Let’s get out of here and take it back to my rest
I don’t think I’m bein too forward
Would I like to break out right now? Yeah I sure would (ah-hah)
I dig the way you be lookin at me
I dig your confidence, you want me, it’s evident (trust me)
[Big Shug]
My man told me that you like me
You wanna write me, cause you heard I have a wifey
But I’m on some mo’ straight up stuff
I get witchu and probably spend a little while
Somewhere in the park after dark
Incognito, that’s how I flow

[Kool Keith]
Well I’m here for you, are you there, where?
Takin peeks, and sneakin winks, whatever brotherman thinks
You on a mission, for famous people in position
Holdin in your love, admirin what I’m doin
Gettin through in, time and time
She follows us backstage.. yeah..

First day, guess what Guru said to me
Dark and lovely, how could you be
It is right for me
Because, whiny whiny, me whiny sexy
All de man dem, just-a rush me..

Check it out
The time is right, you hold me tight (my love)
In the twilight, away from the spotlight
We can explore mysteries that last all night (trust me)
Nobody has to know but us
Honey you know I’m the man
Baby for you I got big plans (eh eh)
[Big Shug]
You say I’m just a lonely man (no more)
But tomorrow I’ll be your King, the ruffneck swing
You know me from my name on the streets
You wanna be with me, it’s easy to see
Since you kissed me on the cheek
Now you wanna be my everyday freak (hah hah!)

[Kool Keith]
Lookin at me, my man and him, my man and him
Champagne pop, don’t waste time, you can get with him (MEOW)
We got some drinks, you lookin at the fine wine
Eye contact is on, all I see is silhouette
Sheer plastic, freaky so fantastic (it’s like dat)
I wanna touch it, see if it’s real
True at heart, I wanna see how you really feel
Take off your mask and reveal

Tell dem come wind
Only if you can make her feel fine
Y’know.. because..
Eyes are watchin me
Every single step I take
Eyes are watchin me
They are countin my mistake, JUMP
Him up and now dey flip the script pon cha chill
Steppin to you like medicated thrills
Dey can not wait come in from it his eyes
ANYthing not lay ya to smile ya analyze, BO!
I was born inna ruff neighborhood
Steppin up in light, now it feels good
No one is gonna stop me, no matta what dem say
An’ if I’m da rockin, then I must DJ, cause
Eyes are watchin me
Every single step I take
Eyes are watchin me
They are countin Guru mista-ake
Eyes are watchin me
True me nice and me love come wind
And me both love mashin
Eyes are watchin me
They love Queen Patra, cause I earn it an’
Guru and all-stars, ya large, inna dance
And the stars of reggae music, they LARGE
The original niceness
And Patra never the one to front, okay?
* fades out *

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