Robbery Lyrics by Guilty Simpson

  • Album Release Date: 2008
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For real man
As long as I got that thing man I’ll never be broke
For real
These motherfuckers all around here eating good
God forbid if I got to strong arm to take some from some from one of these niggas
But if I got to
That’s what the fuck I’mma do for real

[Verse 1] (Guilty Simpson)
My loot’s like Dave Chappelle
Funny as hell, money is frail
Pockets on E and a broke ass nigga I’m not gon be
That’s why I keep a Glock on me
You ain’t gotta believe I pop a gun
But when I’m roaming in your residence cocking one
You better give me that (Give me that)
I said give me that (Man give me that)
Can’t stop when I come like a jimmy hat (Jimmy hat?)
Word on the streets is you make a good knot
And I don’t give a fuck about the neighbourhood watch
I’m coming in your pet shop, pass the word (Pet shop?)
Yeah family get cash for birds (Oh)
And I’m there to take that cheese (Uh-huh)
I got manners I still say ”Please!”
Please tell me all you know
I want cocaine, weed, ice and all your dough
Now where it at y’all
[Hook] (Guilty Simpson) [Repeat 2X]
R-O-B (Hood bully nigga)
R-O-B (What we pulling niggas)
Robberies (Get em, get em)
Robberies (Get em, get em, get em)

[Verse 2] (Guilty Simpson)
If my stomach’s growlin
Catch me in at your next function prowlin
Something like the players ball
But in the background I play the wall
Everybody all drunk and messed up
Motherfuckers looking all clean and dressed up
Niggas got cash for sho
Cause everywhere I look a nigga flashing dough
Trying to get attention from a nasty ho
Perfect victims for my grab and go
And when they leave that’s my cue (Yup)
I don’t give a fuck I’ll rob your bitch too (Yup)
Creeping on your Cadillac truck
If you wanna live give your Cadillac up
And I mean quick and fast
Soon as I get the cash I hit the gas

[Hook][Repeat 2X]
Nobody move
Nobody dead

[Hook][Repeat 2X]

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