Pigs Lyrics by Guilty Simpson

  • Album Release Date: 2008
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[Verse 1] (Guilty Simpson)
Yo, look at your room it’s a mess (It’s a mess)
And you tell me that I can’t wear a vest? (Uh?)
Why, you got one
Beating brothers in the chest with a shotgun
In my pocket asking where I got my knot from, I got a job
Like everybody with black faces gotta rob (Right)
Oh you want my ID? It’s not a prob
What’s two or three cars for I’m not the mob (Uh-uh)
I’m just a young rap artist
Do the shit you probably refer to as ”that garbage”
Which probably makes me a black target
That’s why I don’t love you, whole or half-hearted
A lot of police should feel like a thug
When I see the boys in blue, I feel like a blood
But I ain’t gang related (No)
Sketch you in court when you change your statement
[Hook] (Guilty Simpson)
Middle finger to the blue and whites
That wanna get behind the car and flash the light
Put your hands on the wall
They want us behind bars for life
And won’t grant your rights to call your wife
Like FREEZE! (Pig)
Uh-uh, my word is law

[Verse 2] (Guilty Simpson)
Mister Officer, please don’t shoot (Please don’t shoot)
Show a little love to the young black youth (Young black youth)
You plant drugs on us, stamp “thugs” on us
Put us in cuffs, shipped on a bus (Yup)
To a cell that’s equivalent to hell on earth
So the rats don’t care who they tell on first
The greeks don’t care if you innocent (Innocent)
Put a lighter in the air if you feelin’ it (If you feelin’ it)


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