I Must Love You Lyrics by Guilty Simpson

  • Album Release Date: 2008
  • Features : {}

This love shit’s crazy (Ain’t it?) For real

Girl, you know I must love you
Look at all the things you put me through
I know I do things too

I don’t know what to do
Sometimes I get so confused
Should I leave and find someone new

[Verse One]
Sometimes you make me feel like a king
Everytime I turn around my baby’s buyin me things
Rockport boots, leather coats, hats, and jeans
At this rate she’s sure to get a ring
(But go!) Sometimes you make me feel real low
Bickerin’ about the groupies and the hoes I know
Smilin’ in my face at each and every show I throw
Do you propose I go? I don’t know
(But stay!) Cause when I think that this won’t last
I reminisce on how you helped me through shit in the past
And all of a sudden things don’t seem so bad
And I’m back gettin’ the ass (they ain’t stupid)
You should go, we beef, you say it’s all my fault
Like I’m the one responsible for every time we fought
But when I’m packing up my shit you say we need to talk
Now should I stay or walk?
(I can’t help you on this one, man)

[Verse Two]
(Stay!) The other night we went to dinner to chill
So we could talk about our problems and the way we feel
Perfect therapy over a Red Lobster meal
Now this is love for real (I like this, do your thing)
(Then go!) But then you start trippin’ on some waitress shit
Like she was too friendly, you couldn’t take this shit
Playin’ me like a nigga used to date the chick
She tryin’ to make a tip (cut that bullshit out, man)
(But stay!) After a drink or two, we chilled out
And talked while the waitress brought the meals out
We ate like grown-ups and talked it out
I even held the door open when I walked you out (uh huh)
(But go!) Before I knew it, she pissed again
Mad cause I got up and slipped a ten
She wasn’t actin’ rude, why you trippin’ then?
Now you actin’ like a bitch again (fuck that shit!)


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