Im Cool Lyrics by Gucci Mane

  • Album Release Date: 2007
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(Fuckin hustlin, Gucci) “This a Nitty beat!”
(Gucci, look how we back nigga!)
(Ay) Geah (Whassup?) Uh, uh, uh
(I heard about your new deal) Gucci Mane
(They can’t hate no mo’) Man, look like a million dollar
(They can’t hate no mo’ nigga)
(We gotta get this money, that’s right ‘kay?)
(Let’s go)

[Gucci Mane]
I count a hundred grand then I ate some cereal
Then stuffed a half a brickie in a box of Cheerios
Hoes like “Gucci Mane I seen your video”
Two Atlanta cars, ostriched interiors
Twenty million dollars in the seat is you serious?
Some millions up front for the kid, they furious
G4 flights, club life they Leer’n me
(“This a Nitty beat!”) I don’t think they hearin me
Eighty thousand dollars for a track, you kiddin me
Gucci Mane’s back and they can’t get rid of me
A multi-million dollar business mogul I’m fin’ to be
On 106 & Park, too yellow my jewelry
Yo’ girl was a jeweler, seen da Bueller
I run so much ice I should of bought my cooler
Yo’ girl want to lay up, see the Jacob
Crazy color chain lookin like a laser
A multi-million dollar man, yeah that’s true
(Gucci let’s trick off a mill’ or two) Yeah, that’s cool
We’re the Vegas of Miami, East and West coast too
Then she tell me that she want it then I say it’s cool
Big ballers shot callers top notch girls too
Can I take you out for dinner? She said “Yeah, that’s cool”
And them numbers that you did, I’mma do times two
(Wanna hit this mid Gucci) Shit dawg, I’m cool
I’m cool (yeah) and she cool (yeah)
And he cool (yeah) and we cool (yeah)
So, be cool (yeah) and do you (yeah)
And how you? (Yeah) Cause we cool (yeah)

[Gucci Mane]
I got a eight bedroom with a lakeside view
Own eight Maserratis with the offset boots
Last year this time I was on the two
Chamillion painted old school means it’s changin hues
Murder charge, gun charges, aggravated assault
First day out of jail man I bought the bar
My second day out of jail man I bought the car
Every day of the week, I fuckin did a Ferrari
Gotta take every girl to a different mall
Southern Catholic, Fifth Plaza, man I love to ball
Cake boy, cake girls, man I love ’em all
Got forty thousand dollars in my Gucci drawers, pussy~!
And I ain’t even re’d up yet
But like the repo man the whole hood in debt
Uhh, and I ain’t even re’d up yet
But like the repo man the whole hood in debt, it’s Gucci

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