Dadada Lyrics by Grimm

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {}

(Verse 1)
It’s nothin’
I put it to you straight
Lover’s gonna love
And hater’s gonna hate
I just want my cake
Eat it, too
I know some niggas faith in what I need to do
Cause believe me, dude
It’s nothin’ but a word
To have a niggas hit no matter what you heard
I got a bunch of birds
And a gang of weed
And bitches on my balls like it’s the thang to be
I put the flame to squeeze, cous’, what ya thankin’?
After the show, we blowin’ bud and drankin’
And what I’m sayin’ back home, recline
My bitches on the track, back on my mind
Man, go and you blind, Casey, the foe is for the trees
You bumpin’ guns, but you ain’t gettin’ hold of these
Hold now, please, learn a lesson from my older dude
Everybody say, “They got the colder groove”
Chorus: Grimm
All I need to say is “Da-da, da”
Staying paid, just “Da-da, da”
Smoking everyday, just “Da-da, da”
Da-da, da
Da-da, da

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
Twist, snap, crackle and pop
Wouldn’t you just know it, I just tracked down a cop
I’m in the back of the drop
He’s in the front of the hard top
I remember someone sayin’, “Dawg, we don’t bark cops”
The school of the hard, knocks, not gon’ get this off rocks
Homies in the pen, tryin’ to win and they all shots
Now look where my car stops, the wheels still spinnin’
I ain’t got no gold in my grill, I’m still grinnin’
Got the real ill feelin’, and wouldn’t you know
I found my ‘dro, so I’m good for the go
I kick the hood full of snow
And if I’m good, I just flow
But that money be callin’ me, so I’m cookin’ some more
It ain’t like you don’t smell it, like you don’t know who to sell it
Like you don’t know things, it’s cool, as long as you don’t tell it
Hell, it’s nothin’ like I said before, said before
Thinkin’ it’s over, been incredible, incredible
Repeat Chorus Four Times

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