Get By Lyrics by Greg Nice

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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[Chorus 2X: Greg Nice]
Who got the get high? Yo I’m from N.Y
Yo I stay high, so I can get by
So I can get by, just so I can get by
So I can get by, just so I can get by

[Greg Nice]
I need that antidote, shit that make ya choke
And I don’t mean the coke, cause that shit’ll leave ya broke
I’m talkin ’bout the schmoke, the mean Cabrini Green
The shit that make ya float, make you wanna do the lean
I got my mind open, my thoughts acceleratin
I got to get it now, the paper elevatin
The bills steady comin, the kids are steady growin
Got to get it now, you already knowin


[Greg Nice]
My homey out of work, shit has gone berserk
Gotta save face, yo I try to keep a smirk
I pop a chill pill, I tell her get up off me
Then I get a tall cup of Duncan Donut coffee
I stay wired up, but off the legal high
Don’t need to tell y’all, y’all know the reason why
Life be off the chain, so hard to be explained
I bust that buddha bless, so I won’t go insane

[Greg Nice]
It’s six o’clock now, my day been goin long
It’s happy hour baby gotta get our drink on
I want a margarita, for me and mamacita
She get her buzz on, start feelin I’ma beat her
I need another shot, first shot didn’t faze me
I need a shot so strong that it daze me
The boss stressin me, my girl pressin me
The Lord blessin me the devil keep testin me


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