Cant Stand Us Lyrics by Greg Nice

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {“Tony Yayo”}

Oh! Yeah
If you sittin down
You need to get up off your ass and on your feet
Cause it’s goin down
Yeah it’s the Greg N-I-C-E I’m in the place to be
I got my man Tony Yayo on the side of me
(What’s good Greg?)
And I’m ’bout to tear this motherfucker down
I need everybody to get up
I need everybody get up, cause it’s ’bout to go down

[Chorus 4X: Tony Yayo]
They can’t stand us (what?) They can’t stand us (geah!)
They can’t stand us that’s why they wanna ban us (yeah!)

[Tony Yayo]
I’m everything you haters hate, car made from outer space
My lawyer money make the state wanna drop the case
Ermie’s{?} with the carriage and the horses
Four door Porsches, five hundred horses
A small thing to a giant, crackers hatin ’em
My last Summer Jam, banned from the stadium
Hood rats hatin cause they ain’t havin no fun
My chick at Saks 5th, shoppin for her grandson
I smoke the best weed, I smash the best hoes
Venice swiller I’m filled up, with my neck froze
I’m what God chose, I’m special
Black lightning black diamonds on the bezel
They can’t stand us! Everything is negative
So fuck the world man, it’s my prerogative
They sprayed my momma crib, she still love me though
So fuck niggas man, it’s all for the dough

[Greg Nice]
Whattup Fat Cat baby?
Yeah I’m puffin that brown, whattup Los?
Yeah it’s goin down
Check it

They can’t stand us, oh, they can’t stand us, yo
I go in deep like the man from Atlantis
Bounce ’round stage like I was a praying mantis
Speak a little French y’all, speak a little Spanish
Know a Cowboy but it ain’t Tony Roma
Ghetto university, got my diploma
Alternative but I ain’t from Tacoma
Heard Peter Griffin just snuffed out Homer
OH~! Do what I wanna do, act like I wanna act
Say what I wanna say, play like I wanna play
Hey yo I’m gettin it, and ain’t shit funny
It’s Greg N-I, and Yayo we gettin money
They call me old school, stop mackin me
I’m eatin lobsters and drinkin mad daquiris
I’m feelin energy, that’s negativity
Comin straight from the Haterade University


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