Square One Lyrics by Greenhouse

  • Album Release Date: 2005
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[Intro] [Blueprint Speaking]
In there. Beats are so ridiculous
I don’t know why cats think they can fuck with this
Ah huh. Greenhouse. Take you back to the beginning
Ah huh, like this

[Verse One] [Blueprint]
First of all get off my dick
Ain’t nobody give me shit
Hard work, we deserve everything we get
When you was dreamin’ about rhyming
I was grinding
Sellin’ Greenhouse tapes in Columbus
You got ten dollars then holler at me
So I can hop this Greyhound bus back to the ‘Natti
We used to rock shows in Dayton with Bahdaddy
And if we made our gas money back then I were happy
It was me, Ill, Inkwell & Manifest
This was before I started buildin’ with Plead The Ph5th
Before Soul Position, Orphanage or The Iskabbibles
Back when everything about hip hop was simple
I would buy fifty blank tapes
Dub ’em at home
Print the inserts on my PC
Sell ’em at shows
I didn’t want to hold the money so I gave it to Ill
But that had to stop when he said he spent it on bills
See hip hop, was still a hobby I did on the side
And since it never made me a dime, I still had a job
And collaborated only for the love of the music
Not because I wanted big names to move units
Holdin’ your own is part of being a man
Don’t even ask until you’ve done everything that you can
Even though there were a lot of times I needed a hand
I still held it down to elevate me and my fam
[Manifest talking]
That’s right man. We did it ourselves man
Cats ain’t ready for that man
Cats ain’t got the juice in they veins. Continue

[Verse Two] [Blueprint]
Uh huh
I used to hop on any stage
Play for free
Now I only do that for fam related to me
I got a higher learning
Paid with it degree
Realized a desk job ain’t made for me
I’d rather be doin’ shows gettin’ paid to MC
I’m a first generation Weightless MC
Started out slangin’ tapes
Made some cream
When nobody else was thinkin’ that way but me
Took a bunch of individuals
Made a team
I helped acts come up but they ain’t thankin’ me
I seen shit I gave birth to get twisted up
Cats flip shit up
Like they build shit up
It made me wanna walk away from this and give this up
But then Manifest said, “Print, stick with us”
So I did and made calls that probably cost me friendships
But if I didn’t, I would have lost this business
I know my people smart enough to know the difference
And not wanna beef over this when they hear this
So many dreams cross paths cause we rhyme
I had blinders on
I saw nothin’ but mine
And any move I made wasn’t cause I wanted to shine
Because the way we were both headed, wasn’t in line
And I love y’all
But sometimes it’s hard to express it
And it comes off lookin’ like I’m being hard headed
We could have worked it out but our pride wouldn’t let us
Now we gotta chalk up another life lesson
[Outro] [Manifest talking]
That’s right. We learned from that
And all it did was make us stronger
Now we unstoppable man. Shit. It’s Weightless. Ha. Greenhouse

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