Smile Lyrics by Greenhouse

  • Album Release Date: 2010
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[Intro] [Illogic talking]
Yeah. I can start right here, comin’ in right? Yeah, uh huh, check, yo…

[Verse One] [Illogic]
Please allow me to step into the arena where my zenith lives
We just hijacked destiny to pilot what your speakers give
Even violence has a place in silent riots, we the bridge
To cross the oceans on a bed of clouds I’ll settle down when I start to live
As an artist, I’m apart of all that touches me
I gather hearts by faith you’d rather plan to gather mustard seeds
In case you got a taste for mustard greens
I must agree to pay the rent
Keep the lights ablaze plus the dreams stay content to God I pray
Where I land to end this odyssey it’s hard to say
My artistry is present this year, could be gone tomorrow but it’s here today
And everything I’m hear to say
Is resonating with my generation sayin’, “Life is more than just a game to play
It’s a game to win” as we begin
To find ourselves we find the stars are closer than we think they are
I ask for health and prospering for those around me
Knowing that I feed off the energy of those around me so keep smiling
[Verse Two] [Blueprint]
I move the crowd with nothing more than a hand motion
Stand motionless, hand open
You glance around and see a man posin’
Look at the clock and both hands frozen
I am THAT moment
The beat’s so hot, can’t even put my hands on it
The rhymes so solid, you could probably stand on it
Paint a picture so vivid, capture manslaughter like a camcorder
I expose it all with mad focus
We laid the groundwork, it’s only right we stand on it
First we take it there, then we expand on it
Cats with wack voices, still got wack voices
Rhymin’ over wack beats, makin’ bad choices
The waves change but it’s pretty much the same voyage
A big blue whale swimmin’ in the vast ocean
They think they got me figured out by my last movement
That’s when I rise up out the water, splash on ’em
And get bad for ’em, he in the air soarin’
From up there, drop science and math on ’em
Stopped battlin’
Was too grown man for it
Won’t even chance on it and fuck up a grand on it
It’s a scam, I feel bad, I even fell for it
Win a battle, lose a war, in the air for it
That’s a high price to pay, man I can’t afford it
Bitch I’m grown, student loans and a mortgage
Just tryin’ to buy some land, put the fam on it
Grow some carrots, some corn and some yams on it
Hit the bar, buy some beers I can crack open
I work hard, I be damned if I can’t enjoy it
Cause you can be anywhere instead of here
Computer programming, benefits, a steady gig
But God want him here, so that’s where he is
Ain’t nothin’ touchin’ us, I love it more every year
People try to tell him what they think success is
As defined by what he drive and where he live
I couldn’t see it then but I see it now
I’m a success because even when I fail I can still smile

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