Gettin There Lyrics by Greenhouse

  • Album Release Date: 2009
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[Intro] [Blueprint talking]
Gettin’ there. Type of shit…everywhere
You know…eeeehhh. Good morning. ‘Bout to start it like this

[Verse One] [Blueprint]
He bubble in the jungle, where shit get wild
So like Christ he kick it with pimps and criminals
The temp get colder when you see him around
So break bread with him and give him a pound
It’s been awhile but it’s kinda like ridin’ a bike
Had flashbacks of rap when the rhymin’ was tight
Might walk into the wilderness and shine in a light
A lot of rappers, with not a tight rhyme or recite
When the timin’ is right, and he inspired to write
He spend time with it like, it was his child or his wife
The beat got him so hype, that when it’s time to recite
He leave the mic lookin’ like it just got in a fight
Bitch it’s Greenhouse
I gotta say it with pride, we never say “die”
But reppin’ the squad with staggerin’ odds against us
That’s why your little prize never tempts us
Cause even if we dead broke, we gon’ be the richest
[Illogic talking]
Yeah, shit sound great. Back in this motherfucker you know
Blueprint, Illogic. Weightless. Never let up. C’mon!

[Verse Two] [Illogic]
Give me a little time to fiddle with rhythms
And give relief to your troubled mind
I’m riddlin’ Ritalin
What I’m speaking is undefined
Teachin’ each simpleton. leechin’, reachin’ for dotted lines
Hopin’ to sign your life away
Listen, I’m independent like my parents abandoned me
My mission?
Spittin’ lyrics at television candidly
Can it be?
These writtens are masterpieces
Littered across a few guess appearances and multiple releases
I figured the rest at least can get the gas face for now
I’m done with ’em
Here’s a box of scissors go run with ’em
You’re fumblin’ all over the beat, fold and retreat
Throw in the towel, notice defeat when it’s shakin’ your hand
No “woe is me” is allowed
It’s open season on treason, the crowd is movin’ like bowels
We’re shittin’ on competition and if there was any doubt
We’re layin’ those to rest
Don’t question who’s the best this is Greenhouse…
[Outro] [Blueprint talking]
Y’all know what time it is. Hope you got your already
Columbus. Dudes is back. This is what the people wanted right? Yeah

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