E-Thugs Lyrics by Greenhouse

  • Album Release Date: 2005
  • Features : {}

[Verse One] [Blueprint]
Oh you hard now?
Get out my face
Real thugs don’t gang banger in cyber space
Real gang bangers throw up gang signs
You a fake thug, you throwin’ up websites
You make me wanna push the delete button
When I see you on the internet straight e-thuggin’
Usin’ them mode and cons to give people mean mugs
You sensitive e-thugs, you all need e-hugs
You so confrontational
When you typin’
But would a gangster really write it?
Or would he be to busy runnin’ from the law
To spend that kind of time on chat rooms and message boards
I got people who do what you talk about it
And not a single one got an e-mail account
Most of ’em been in jail doin’ real time
When they was on lock down
You was on-line
Usin’ fake photos to your advantage
Tellin’ lies to meet fat girls on Blackplanet
You want us to think you’re tougher than you are
You ain’t hard
You downloadin’ avatars
To make it worse you get a new one every week
The more I think about it, you GOTTA be a geek
I don’t even know why we put this record out
When we probably should have sent it to your e-mail account
[Verse Two] [Manifest]
You sent a kite to my in-box askin’ what you in fo’
A tech savy gangsta, the set you claim, Windows
An e-thug tough cause you type in all caps
Logged in all day and dare someone to respond back
Beefin’ with texts
Yeah, you must be a scary dude
The font colors you use, nude peach and berry blue
This after you and your crew, hehe, I mean cyber buddies
You can’t be hard when you Bill Gates understudy
You know the saying, “Real thugs do real things”
But post on a website, photo shop photos of your gang, no
We don’t believe you, you need more e-ople
I know I keep talkin’ and I’m gonna get an e-full
A message board maniac, a website warrior
You post so often, there ain’t no ignorin’ ya
You know you won’t talk that internet shit in the streets
LOL around real thugs and get smashed in the teeth

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