Damn Lyrics by Greenhouse

  • Album Release Date: 2009
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[Intro] [Illogic talking]
I mean it’s scarin’ me man. It’s so frightening. Aight

[Verse One] [Illogic]
Think of what you’re doin’ before you lose you mind
We beyond human, kind of rhyme mutants
I’m…music personified
It’s in the way that I walk, tried, smooth as a trombone slide
Move folks, scatter, run and hide
Or loose control of your bladder when we stand eye to eye
Your confidence is shattered, smashed to bits
You can’t be serious with that, even your moms laughed at it
Your existence is an accident, a typo
So in that case, a few taps of the ‘backspace’ and you’re gone
We make hot lines into hot songs
You shouldn’t rap unless chicken patties and lettuce are involved
If your chick is Coyote Ugly I’m dancin’ on your bars
Our planets bare witness, the kid is Dancing With The Stars
He leave you this sickness, it’s passed down through generations
Like sickle cell, wedding rings, photographs and recipes
[Blueprint talking]
Yeah yeah yeah. Me too. Yeah buddy. Right. You know how we do
There’s things man, all these things. Decisions…at a high level. Right

[Verse Two] [Blueprint]
Even though I got crates that you can’t believe
It’s too predictable so I had to change my steez
Lame MC’s, thinkin’ they the same as me
Cause they buy their records at the same place as me
When will you get it?
My new method, too epic
A true head can turn any tool into a weapon
Pimpin’ simps
Why you limited to a record?
You make it wack while I take it back to the futuristic
I’m out there
Right where you scared to go
Cause your mind is where ideas is scared to grow
Head to toe, respect everywhere we go
Greenhouse on the down, don’t need to let it go
Dudes still beefin’ ’bout what happened back in the days need to understand
I left that back in the day
Make you question everything that these rappers will say
They little girls, grown men ain’t actin’ that way
The way y’all hatin’, gossip ’bout nathin’
You might as well start rockin’ skirts
Cause the only thing worse than a bad situation is making that bad situation worse
That’s your life
Accept the fact that you chose your path
Broke, no cash, homies so mad, hopes is dashed
They wonder how you ended on your ass, it’s simple
Cause broke people always roll in packs and I ain’t fuckin’ with y’all

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